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About Parker Villas

Ciao! I'm Alex, the owner of the new and refreshed Parker Villas. I lived in Italy many years ago and instantly fell in love. After many years of working in a law firm, I decided to focus my time on what I love, luxury properties and experiences in the beautiful country of Italy. Today, I live in Amsterdam and travel to Italy frequently to curate new villas and tours for you to experience.

Our mission

We strive to provide the best properties and experiences to travelers and hosts so that you can have a memorable experience. We vet all our hosts to ensure their offerings meet our standards.

Ravello Art Apartments, Ravello, Italy

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. We acquired the website, and only the website, after the Parker Company went bankrupt. We are not associated in anyway with the pre-pandemic Parker Villas brand or team.

We are working hard to develop a direct booking platform. Right now we have hand selected villas on major platforms to provide opportunities for you without the headache of searching. Stay tuned for direct options!

As soon as possible! We are actively recruiting villas and developing a user portal to ensure a better user experience.

All across Italy! If there is a region you want to visit but can't find on our website let us know!

We currently handle a maximum of 5 privately curated tours per year. If you are interested, please email [email protected] with the subject line "PRIVATE TOUR" if we have space we will gladly assist.

We do not have any authority or obligation for reservations made prior to January 1, 2024. Unless you booked a private, concierge experience through us, the correct party to contact is the third-party provider.

We vet as many villas as possible. We travel to Italy numerous times per year to inspect the properties. Look for a "Vetted" banner for properties we have personally been to.

Under the "List My Villa" tab. Create an account and list your property right away. If you want the "Vetted" banner, reach out to us for a property inspection.