The Amalfi Coast is one of Italy’s jewels, but planning a trip to this picturesque Italian beach paradise can be tricky so we’ve compiled a few perfect Amalfi Coast itineraries for you.

Planning the trip of your dreams can be hard. You want to ensure you get the most out of your vacation and enjoy it as much as possible. When that trip is to Italy, one of the most visited countries in the world, it can be hard to know how to best plan out your days. 

But one of the things you don’t want to miss while you’re in Italy is stopping by the Amalfi Coast. And remember, regardless of what you’ll do, make sure you book a great accommodation to complement your trip. For a true taste of Italy, we recommend renting an Amalfi Coast villa.

Whether you tag it on as a one-day trip, set aside a few days, or make an entire trip to the Amalfi Coast along, there’s so much to see and do. That’s why we’ve researched for you and planned out the perfect itinerary no matter how long your trip is.

Here are four perfect itineraries for the Amalfi coast, ranging from a 1 -day trip to an extended 7-day holiday.

Amalfi Coast Day Trip Itinerary

If you only have one day to spend on the Amalfi Coast, you should try to find the perfect balance between seeing as much as possible while still having the time to enjoy it. The Amalfi Coast can be traveled west to east in about an hour, so you should start on the western side in Sorrento

Eat breakfast in Sorrento and then take in the amazing views of the Gulf of Naples below. Consider taking the time to enjoy the gardens at the Villa Comunale before heading to the bus station or hopping in your rental car. Next, you’ll want to make the 30-minute drive to Positano.

As the most popular beach town along the Amalfi Coast, you’ll definitely want to take time to relax while in Positano. Soak up the sun and take a dip in one of the two famous beaches that the city has to offer, and really appreciate the picturesque views all around you. After you’ve had your fill in Positano, take the next 30-minute drive to Amalfi. 

In Amalfi, you should spend some time enjoying the views of the city and exploring some of the cafes and boutiques in the area. Visit the Amalfi Duomo and the bustling square that it sits in to experience the culture of the coast. Grab a snack at one of the cafes and get ready to head to your final destination: Ravello.

After just a 15-minute drive, you’ll be in the mountain-top city of Ravello. Stroll through the Villa Cimbrone gardens and up to the Terrace of Infinity to grab a bite to eat as you overlook the coast below you. With the best views of nearly the entire Amalfi Coast, ending your day in Ravello is the best way to cap off your Amalfi Coast trip.

Amalfi Coast Itinerary: 3 Days

Day 1 — Sorrento

View of Sorrento, Amalfi Coast, Italy

If you’re looking for a perfect home base for your 3-day trip to the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento is the perfect place to start. As one of the biggest towns along the coast, Sorrento gives you plenty of options for hotels, restaurants, shops, and relaxation. So when you first arrive on the coast, you’ll be able to take some time to sit back and enjoy the Italian culture. 

During your day in Sorrento, consider booking your stay in the Hotel Bellevue Syrene. This resort sits on the water and offers its guests luxurious accommodations, including an outdoor pool and a full spa. Outside the hotel, you can explore the city and take in the views at the Villa Comunale or take a dip in the crystal clear waters along the coast.

The great thing about making Sorrento the first stop on your trip is that it has easy transportation connections to the other major cities along the coast. So no matter what you’re planning on doing the following days of your trip, you’ll have no trouble getting there from Sorrento.

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Day 2 — Amalfi and Ravello

Amalfi and Ravello, amalfi coast, Italy

On the second day of your trip, hop in your car or grab a bus ride to the next stops on your trip. You’ll want to spend at least one of your days along the Amalfi Coast, staying in Amalfi and Ravello. 

Amalfi edges out Sorrento as the biggest city on the coast and has countless places to stay, shop, and eat. While in Amalfi, consider checking out the main cathedral of the area, the Duomo di Amalfi in the main public square. Around the cathedral, you’ll find amazing restaurants and cafes to take a break to enjoy your day. If you get hot, take a dip in one of the city’s two main beaches and see how amazing the city looks from the water.

After lunch in Amalfi, make your way to the nearby town of Ravello to enjoy dinner and catch the sunset. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, visiting Ravello is a must. Sitting atop a nearby mountain, Ravello will provide you with breathtaking views of the entire Amalfi Coast. Views that you can’t get anywhere else. 

You can either stay in Ravello or head back to your hotel in Sorrento. There are only about 20 miles between the two cities!

Day 3 — Positano and Relaxation

Positano, Amalfi coast, Italy

As your trip is winding down, you want to spend your final day visiting the amazing beach town of Positano. Offering the best beaches and beach views of any other city along the Amalfi Coast, Positano is one of the towns you do not want to skip out on if you love the water.

In Positano, you have access to two of the most popular beaches on the entire coast. The warm water combined with the incredible colors all around makes it feel as though you are visiting something you’ve seen on a postcard. Relax on the sandy beaches, and watch the sunset over the water. It’s an experience you’ll never forget.

Amalfi Coast Itinerary: 5 Days

Day 1 — Positano

Panorama of Positano, Amalfi Coast

If you have a bit more time on your hands and are planning a 5-day trip to the Amalfi Coast, we suggest starting in Positano this time. After your time spent traveling to the coast, whether as part of a broader Italian vacation or a trip on its own, you might want to spend your first day relaxing and taking in the best that the coast has to offer. That’s where Positano comes in.

Check into your room at one of the many hotels in the city, such as the Eden Roc Hotel, and then head to one of the two amazing beaches to soak up the sun and take in the Italian views. When you’re done at the beach, consider visiting the Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta in the city center for a look at incredible architecture and design.

After you grab a bite to eat and explore the countless shops along the city streets, head to your hotel and get ready for the next leg of your trip.

Days 2-3 — Amalfi and Ravello

Amalfi and Ravello towns, amalfi coast, Italy

When you wake up on the second day in Positano, catch the morning ferry ride over to Amalfi. The city of Amalfi will be your home base for the second and third day of your trip, so you’ll want to stay somewhere comfortable that’s close to everything you want to do. Consider booking a room at the Santa Caterina Hotel for a little bit of luxury along the coast.

You’ll be spending your entire second day and some of your third exploring Amalfi, as there’s much more to see and do than in Ravello. While in Amalfi, make sure you check out the cathedral in the city center. Consider taking a tour with the Amalfi Lemon Experience to get a true feel for the culture of the town on the family-run tour.

On your third day, take a bus to the mountain-top city of Ravello and enjoy the picturesque views of the coast around you. Take a walk through the Villa Cimbrone and journey ahead to the Terrace of Infinity to catch the best views of anywhere along the coast. When you’re finished just head back to Amalfi and get ready for the last part of your trip.

Days 4-5 — Sorrento and Capri Island

View of Capri, an Island just off the Amalfi Coast

For the last two days, you’ll be switching your home base from Amalfi to the second-largest city on the coast, Sorrento. While here, head over to the Villa Comunale’s gardens and enjoy the beauty they offer. Spend some time exploring the city center’s streets and enjoying the boutiques and restaurants all around you.

For the final day of your trip, catch a ferry from Sorrento to the famous island of Capri to finish your trip in style. While you’re exploring Capri, make sure you take a tour to the Blue Grotto and catch views of the most incredible view water you’ll ever see. After checking out the Grotto, head to the island’s main city center via a train ride to relax.

Spend your afternoon walking along the bustling streets of Capri as you check out the many restaurants and shops there. Spend some time enjoying authentic Italian food and taking in the culture as you breathe in that fresh island air. As dusk is breaking, head back to the port where the ferry is and make your way back to Sorrento to finish your trip.

Amalfi Coast Itinerary: 7 Days

Days 1-2 — Amalfi and Positano

Beautiful architecture in town of Amalfi, Italy

The more time that you’re able to spend on your Amalfi Coast vacation, the better. So if you’re able to spend 7 days in this Italian paradise, it’s the best way to take it all in! For your week-long Amalfi Coast trip, start by hitting the two most popular cities along the coast: Amalfi and Positano. 

Book your stay in Amalfi for the first four days of your trip for easy access to everything else around you. In Amalfi, head to the Piazza Duomo in the center of the town. That’s the place to be and to see everything that this coastal town has to offer. Here you’ll find unique architecture, quaint boutiques all around, and enough restaurants and cafes to keep you busy the whole week!

If you want to spend time on the beach, you can stay in Amalfi with access to a couple of beaches there, or hop on the ferry to Positano. In Positano, you’ll find the famous Spiaggia Grande and Spiaggia di Fornillo with their long stretches of sand and piercing blue waters. The ferry ride between the two is only an hour, so you can hop back and forth as you please!

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Days 3-4 — Island Getaways to Capri and Ischia

View of Ischia and the famous medieval castle

For the middle of your trip, spend some time away from the popular coastal towns and enjoy a couple of the islands in the area. Board the ferry and travel to the island of Capri for the third day of your trip. While on Capri, check out the Piazzetta in the island’s center and the famous Blue Grotto for the most incredible blue waters you’ll find anywhere in the world. 

For the second day of your island getaways, head over to the volcanic island of Ischia. This less popular island has all of the authentic Italian culture of Capri without all the tourist accommodations. So you get to experience the island and the way of life there, at a much more affordable rate!

On Ischia, take some time to explore Lacco Ameno or Forio and book a tour of the Aragonese Castle. This island is a much quieter and calmer getaway than what you’ll find on Capri. And it’s something that you don’t want to pass up while you’re visiting the Amalfi Coast

From Ischia, have your luggage with you and take the trip to Sorrento — your new home base for the rest of the trip.

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Days 5-7 — Sorrento, Pompeii, and Naples

Panorama of Naples, Italy

Spend your 5th day — and each night from here on out — in the popular city of Sorrento. In Sorrento, be sure to spend time checking out the Centro Storico to take in the city’s incredible history. In this city square, you’ll find countless shops and restaurants to keep you busy any time you’re back at your home base.

From Sorrento, spend the 6th day of your trip exploring the ancient ruins of Pompeii. The results of the devastating eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, the ruins of Pompeii offer visitors a glimpse at Italian history. There’s a quaint cafe inside the ruins themselves, so spend a few hours exploring the area and taking it all in before heading back to Sorrento.

For the final day of your trip, take the roughly 25-mile drive to the famous city of Naples. The city of Naples easily has enough for a full 7-day trip itself, but try to hit some of the highlights during your brief stay. Check out the Duomo di Napoli and the Basilica di San Francesco for some of Italy’s fantastic architecture. Finish off your day with authentic Italian pizza at Mare Pizzeria before getting ready to head back home. 

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