Amalfi Coast Itinerary: Day Trip or 7 Days Vacation?

The Amalfi Coast is one of Italy’s jewels, but planning a trip to this picturesque Italian beach paradise can be tricky so we’ve compiled a few perfect Amalfi Coast itineraries for you.

Rome’s Airports — Fiumicino vs Ciampino

Depending on where you’re coming from and what airline you’re flying to Rome, you’ll end up in one of the city’s two main airports — Fiumicino or Ciampino.

Best Time to Visit Amalfi Coast, Italy

The best time of year to visit the Amalfi Coast is from May through June and September through early October. Temperatures during these months are mild and comfortable, the colors are beautiful everywhere you look, and the crowds aren’t too bad unless you’re there around Easter. 

20 Best Things To Do In Milan, Italy

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20 Best Things to Do in Rome, Italy

By far the most popular city in all of Italy, Rome offers visitors an endless amount of things to do. But what are the most notable landmarks and best things to do in the eternal city. Here are 20 places you need to see in Rome.

10 Best Things to Do in Bologna, Italy

The lively and sprawling city of Bologna is one of Italy’s historical centers and the capital of the Emilia-Romagna region. You’ll see impressive structures, incredible architecture, and historic buildings everywhere in Bologna. With all the amazing sites to see and places to visit, it can be tough to plan a trip as you determine the […]

The 20 Best Things To Do In Sicily, Italy

As the biggest island in the Mediterranean, it will come as no surprise that Sicily is full of seemingly endless destinations and activities to see and do. All the possibilities can be overwhelming, but we want your trip planning process to be as smooth as possible. To help you out with this, we’ve come up […]

The 10 Best Things to Do in Genoa, Italy

Located on the Italian Riviera, Genoa, the capital of the region of Liguria, offers visitors plenty to see and do. With so much incredible architecture and rich history, it can be tough to plan a trip to Genoa and hit all the best attractions. To make it as easy as possible for you, we’ve compiled […]

The 10 Best Things to Do in Capri, Italy

A little slice of paradise off the southwestern coast of Italy, the island of Capri is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Capri offers everything you’d hope for when you’re in paradise. Some of the world’s best beaches. Many of the best sea and land views on Earth. And seemingly endless ways […]

20 Best Things To Do In Venice, Italy

Venice is an enchanting city with a rich history and an abundance of historical sites. If you’re limited on time while visiting the floating city, it can be difficult to decide what to see and do. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 20 best things to do in Venice, Italy, to help you […]