Cortona, perched on a hilltop in the scenic Tuscany region of Italy, offers travelers a blend of history, art, and stunning landscapes. The town itself, embodying the quintessential charm of Italian countryside, is surrounded by stone walls dating back to Etruscan and Roman times. A stay in Cortona immerses visitors in the tranquil beauty of rustic Italy, with its narrow streets, historic churches, and vibrant cultural scene.

Villas in Cortona provide an intimate experience of this beautiful area, serving as a quintessential home away from home for holiday-goers. These properties range from elegantly restored farmhouses to luxurious 17th-century estates, often featuring private pools, air conditioning, and breathtaking views. Guests can expect to indulge in local cuisine, savor the fabulous Tuscan sunsets, and enjoy amenities that exemplify comfort and luxury in a rural setting.

Selecting a villa for a holiday stay in Cortona means embracing the opportunity to live like a local in a charming historic town. Each villa offers a unique feature, whether it’s the promise of fabulous sunsets overlooking the Valdichiana or the provision of modern comforts such as Wi-Fi in a centuries-old stone building. The villas cater to various group sizes and preferences, ensuring that every traveler can find a match for their perfect Italian retreat.

Villa di Piazzano

Villa di Piazzano aerial view
Villa di Piazzano /

Villa di Piazzano is a historical estate that offers a serene retreat with a mix of timeless elegance and modern comforts, perfect for guests eager to explore Tuscany.


The Villa di Piazzano, located in Italy near the town of Cortona, is an estate with roots tracing back to 1464. Originally constructed as the hunting manor of Cardinal Silvio Passerini, the villa has been preserved and now operates as a luxury hotel. It maintains an air of noble grandeur, with a selection of antique furniture bearing witness to its storied past.


Guests of Villa di Piazzano are treated to panoramic views of the bucolic surroundings that characterize the border between Umbria and Tuscany. The villa is set amidst green fields and olive groves, offering scenes of tranquil Italian countryside that provide an authentic Tuscan experience.


The amenities at Villa di Piazzano ensure a comfortable and luxurious stay. Here is a breakdown of what guests can expect:

  • Bedrooms and Bathrooms: Each room blends historical charm with modern facilities for the ultimate comfort.
  • Garden: A meticulously landscaped garden invites guests to relax and take in the Tuscan sun.
  • WiFi: Complimentary WiFi service keeps guests connected even while basking in the tranquility of the countryside.
  • Services: Exceptional services, including al fresco dining on the terrace and a familial sense of hospitality, create a warm atmosphere.

Bramasole Villa

Bramasole Villa in Italy
Bramasole Villa /

Nestled in the rolling hills near the charming town of Cortona, Bramasole Villa offers a blend of history and luxury amenities. It provides an immersive Tuscan experience with breathtaking views and opulent accommodation.


Bramasole holds a rich tapestry of history within its walls. It is famously connected to the book and film “Under the Tuscan Sun,” which brought the villa international renown. The villa has two identities: the original domicile of the writer which fueled literary inspiration and the filming location that visitors associate with cinematic charm.


Bramasole Villa presents an assortment of luxurious rooms, each designed to offer comfort and style reflective of its Tuscan setting. With 9 double rooms and 1 twin room, along with 10 bathrooms and additional guest bathrooms, the villa can accommodate a substantial number of guests. The kitchen is fully equipped, catering to culinary enthusiasts who wish to indulge in Italian cooking. Wide patios and terraces offer sweeping views of the surrounding countryside, enhancing the guest’s living experience. The villa’s service is attentive, ensuring that every need is met with the highest standard.

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Villa Laura

Villa Laura in Italy

Villa Laura, situated just outside the walls of Cortona, Tuscany, offers guests a remarkable escape into a 17th-century Italian estate, steeped in history yet infused with modern luxury. This villa caters to various needs, from serene vacation getaways to hosting grand wedding events.

Rental Details

Villa Laura is available for weekly rental year-round, inviting guests to live within its historic walls. The estate features:

  • Three buildings: The main Villa, a Farmhouse, and the Limonaia.
  • Accommodations: Space for up to 20 guests across 10 en-suite bedrooms, making it ideal for large groups.
  • Price Range: Rentals begin at €2,675, reaching up to €5,500 per night, varying with the season.
  • Amenities: A fully equipped kitchen, garden, and terrace are part of the experience, providing modern comforts amidst rustic charm.

Guests have the chance to relish in the elegant Italian lifestyle, with the villa’s prime location offering easy access to Cortona’s historical town.

Wedding Venue

Villa Laura transforms into a quintessential wedding venue, imbued with an authentic Italian ambiance:

  • Garden & Terrace: A sprawling garden and terrace provide a picturesque setting for ceremonies and receptions.
  • Capacity: The estate comfortably accommodates large wedding parties.
  • Services: Dedicated staff ensure that wedding events are executed seamlessly, tailoring experiences to the couple’s desires.

Couples can exchange vows against the backdrop of Tuscany’s rolling hills, making for an unforgettable celebration.

Il Falconiere

Il Falconiere in Cortona, Italy
Il Falconiere /

Nestled in the heart of the Tuscan countryside, Il Falconiere offers an exquisite experience of luxury living combined with culinary delight and serene spa services. This villa allows guests to immerse themselves in the tranquility of its surroundings while enjoying the comforts and services of a high-end stay.

Culinary Experience

The Il Falconiere Restaurant holds a notable distinction with its Michelin star, showcasing the apex of food excellence and creativity. Epicureans can revel in traditional Tuscan dishes that represent the rich history and culinary experience of Italy. Views from the restaurant spill across the estate’s vineyards, providing diners with a scenic backdrop that enhances the experience.

  • Michelin Star: Yes
  • Cuisine: Traditional Tuscan
  • Ambiance: Rustic elegance

Spa Services

Il Falconiere extends beyond culinary delights, offering guests a place of relaxation and rejuvenation with its well-appointed spa. Embracing the villa’s surroundings, the spa provides treatments that allow for complete immersion in tranquility. Services are tailored to individual needs, ensuring a bespoke spa experience that caters to personal comfort and relaxation.

Villa Fontelunga

Villa Fontelunga exterior
Villa Fontelunga /

Situated in Tuscany’s idyllic countryside near Cortona, Villa Fontelunga is celebrated for its stylish design and serene atmosphere. Guests are invited to experience the fusion of traditional architecture and contemporary luxury that defines this villa’s allure.

Design and Style

The design of Villa Fontelunga is marked by an elegant blend of traditional Tuscan features and modern chic. Guests can expect luxurious accommodations that pay homage to the villa’s countryside setting with stone walls and wooden beam ceilings, while also enjoying the comfort provided by stylish, contemporary furnishings. Each room in the villa offers its own character, encapsulating a balance of comfort and sophistication.

Local Attractions

Cortona, a historical hilltown close to Villa Fontelunga, offers guests a tapestry of cultural and scenic experiences. A stay at the villa allows for easy exploration of local vineyards and the verdant valleys of Tuscany. Nearby, one can discover a plethora of artisan shops and local eateries that exhibit the charm of the region. For those who prefer to relax at the villa, the private swimming pool overlooks panoramic views of the Tuscan landscape, making for a serene retreat.

Exploring Cortona: A Guide to Local Attractions

Cortona combines rich history with enchanting tourism experiences. Guests can explore its attractions during their villa stays, immersing in local culture and history.

Must-Visit Museums:

  • Museo dell’Accademia Etrusca: A treasure trove of the town’s Etruscan heritage.
  • Cortona Cathedral Museum: Showcases the town’s religious art and artifacts.

History Tours: Villa visitors should not miss guided tours detailing Cortona’s history, from its Etruscan walls to Renaissance architecture.

Scenic Town Areas:

  • Piazza della Repubblica: A bustling town center.
  • Fortezza del Girifalco: Offers breathtaking views over the valley.
  • Via del Gesú: Known for its picturesque streets.

Discovering Cortona’s Charm:

  • Bramasole Villa: Fans of “Under the Tuscan Sun” can glimpse the iconic abode.
  • Santa Margherita Basilica: A sacred site perched above the town, providing a serene escape.

Villa guests often revel in unique experiences such as wine tastings at local vineyards like Cantina Baldetti, where they can sip and savor the region’s flavors.

Culinary Delights: Dining Near Cortona Villas

Street food Modica, Italy

When staying at the charming villas in Cortona, guests have the opportunity to indulge in a decadent array of Tuscan cuisine. The town, rich with a tapestry of gastronomical history, offers dining choices that cater to a variety of palates, each establishment bringing its unique flair to the Italian dining experience.

Gli Affreschi is a notable restaurant set against the backdrop of 17th-century frescoes. Diners can expect Tuscan cuisine with an innovative twist, where traditional ingredients are elevated. A relaxing ambiance coupled with an “à la carte” menu spotlights the local fare.

For an interactive gastronomic journey, one can opt for the Dining Experience at a Local’s Home in Cortona With Show Cooking. One can enjoy a four-course Italian feast while learning cooking techniques, combining a meal with cultural immersion.

The Top Restaurants In Cortona Italy – Culture Trip highlights how the ancient Etruscans first recognized the Val di Chiana as a culinary hub. Restaurateurs continue this tradition, as seen with the global attention garnered after the success of Under the Tuscan Sun.

Here’s a quick guide to memorable culinary experiences near Cortona villas:

  • Gli Affreschi: Corner of Via del Salvadore, noted for revisited Tuscan flavors.
  • Home Cooking Experience: Authentic meals with a cultural and educational touch.
  • La Bucaccia: Michelin guide-acknowledged, situated in the historic centre at Via Ghibellina 17, boasting a rustic romance.

Table 1: Selected Cortona Dining Highlights

Name Specialty Location Noteworthy Feature Gli Affreschi Tuscan cuisine revisited Via del Salvadore snc, Cortona 17th-century frescoes Home Cooking Four-course meal & show cooking Cortona Culinary and cultural fusion La Bucaccia Rustic local cuisine Via Ghibellina 17, Cortona Romantic atmosphere

From classic Tuscan dishes to innovative culinary experiences, dining near Cortona villas is an adventure for the senses. With an emphasis on local produce and traditional cooking methods, these restaurants and experiences provide guests with a true taste of Italy. Whether it’s at a famed restaurant or a cozy home setting, the service is marked by Italian warmth and hospitality.

How to Book Your Stay in Cortona Villas

Colosseum in Rome, Italy at sunrise

Booking a stay in a Cortona villa offers a unique experience for travelers looking to embrace the tranquil Tuscan lifestyle. To begin the booking process, one should consider their specific needs such as the type of accommodation, the number of guests, and the desired amenities. Here’s a straightforward guide to securing a villa rental for a holiday in Cortona:

  • Identify Your Accommodation Type:
    • For families or larger groups, a luxury villa with multiple bedrooms and living spaces could be ideal.
    • Couples or smaller parties might prefer a more intimate setting such as an apartment or a smaller villa.
  • Select Your Villa Rental Service: Services like Airbnb and Tuscany Now & More provide specialized portfolios of handpicked villas. Each service offers a different booking experience and some even have representatives with firsthand knowledge of the properties.
  • Consider Unique Features:
    • Luxury Accommodations: Some villas boast terracotta floors, antique furniture, and private pools, creating an authentic Tuscan atmosphere.
    • Convenience: Villas like the Il Loggiato Apartment feature a fully equipped kitchen and are located in central areas like Piazza della Repubblica.
    • Exclusive Services: Look for villas that offer additional services such as a private swimming pool, spa, jacuzzi, or even a gym.
  • Complete Your Booking: Once the right villa is selected, complete the booking process through the chosen service. Ensure all details are confirmed, including the stay duration and any additional services.

Frequently Asked Questions

When exploring villa rental options in Cortona, potential guests frequently inquire about amenities, luxury accommodations, and availability for extended stays.

What are the options for renting a villa in Cortona with a private pool?

Cortona boasts a variety of rental villas that feature private pools. Options such as a 9-bedroom Villa at the Foot of Cortona offer an outdoor pool, although it is important for guests to confirm the heating feature if needed. These properties often cater to families and usually include additional amenities such as DVD players for a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

How can one find luxury villas in the Cortona area for a vacation?

Luxury villas in Cortona can be rented for an elevated vacation experience. Properties like the Exclusive Luxury Tuscan Villa, available through services like Tripadvisor, combine the charm of traditional architecture with modern comforts, offering private yards, satellite TV, and responsive hosts to meet guests’ requests promptly.

Are there any long-term rental villas available in Cortona, and what are their features?

Long-term rental villas are available in Cortona for those planning an extended stay. For example, HGA VACATIONS offers the Tuscan Villa for 6. These properties provide immersive experiences and typically include local culinary activities and tours. You usually need to book well in advance. The features often extend beyond accommodation, aiming to give a comprehensive taste of the local lifestyle and culture.