A great way to relax after spending time in the big city is to head to the picturesque beaches along the Amalfi Coast. But what’s the best way to get from Naples to the Amalfi Coast? In this article, you’ll learn all the different ways to get from Naples to the Amalfi Coast. 

Whether you hop on the train, grab a rental car, get a ticket for the bus, board the ferry, or take a private helicopter ride from Naples to the Amalfi Coast, we’ve got you covered. 

To make your trip planning as easy as possible, continue reading to learn everything you need to know about getting from Naples to the Amalfi Coast.

Distance From Naples to Amalfi Coast

Colorful houses, and speed boats at Sorrento Peninsula

The distance from Naples to the Amalfi Coast will depend on two main things: how you’ll be making the trip and where your final destination is along the coast. For this article, we’ll be as consistent as possible when comparing the different transportation methods to make the travel times more useful to you. So, for the most part, we’ll be looking at Naples’s distance to Sorrento unless stated otherwise. 

The easiest way to think about how far Naples is from the Amalfi Coast is the road distance. Road distance refers to the actual driving distance and will be the same whether driving or taking a bus. The distance from Naples to Sorrento on the Amalfi Coast is 30 miles. This roadway rides along the Gulf of Naples until you reach Sorrento on the Amalfi Coast’s western side. 

If you’re traveling from Naples to the Amalfi Coast by train, you might want to consider staying on the coast’s eastern end because of the available train routes. For example, if you choose to stay in Salerno, there’s a straight shot from Naples. Oddly enough, the train track from Naples to Salerno is nearly identical to the road distance from Naples to Sorrento and comes in at 29 miles.

Amalfi Coast Scenery

Regardless of what you’ll end up doing, make sure you book great accommodation to complement your trip. We recommend renting an Amalfi Coast villa to experience the true taste of Italy. Now, let’s dive in a little deeper and take a more detailed look at the most common ways to get from Naples to the Amalfi Coast.

Here’s a table of the various options for getting there.

Train + BusNaples → Sorrento (train) → Amalfi Coast towns (bus)2-3 hoursAffordable, scenic routesMultiple transfers, limited schedules
Private TransferDirect from Naples to Amalfi Coast towns1-2 hoursConvenient, door-to-door serviceExpensive, requires booking
FerryNaples → Sorrento/Positano/Amalfi (seasonal)1-2 hoursScenic coastal views, direct accessWeather-dependent, limited schedules
Rental CarDrive from Naples to Amalfi Coast towns1.5-2 hoursFlexibility, explore at your own paceChallenging roads, parking difficulties
Guided TourNaples → Amalfi Coast towns with stops7-8 hoursHassle-free, knowledgeable guideGroup tour, less flexibility

Train From Naples to Amalfi Coast

A view down a platform with a train approaching on the railway line in Naples

As the most popular method of public transportation in all of Italy, and even all of Europe for that matter, taking a train from Naples to the Amalfi Coast is super easy and incredibly affordable. To begin, you must head to Naples’ central railway station.

You can buy a ticket to just about any of the major hubs along the coast from the central train station in Naples. Amalfi, Sorrento, Positano, and Salerno are all options for your final destination via train. But only one is on the high-speed rail: Salerno. The ticket from Naples to Salerno will only run you about $6 on average, and the entire trip will take less than an hour. 

Naples Metro Train Interior

A new train leaves on this route every 15 minutes during regular operating hours, so you’ll have no trouble getting a ticket for any time you want to arrive. Consider arriving late to catch the sunset over the water when you get there. Try to get a window seat to spend the train ride looking at the amazing views around you as you travel through beautiful Italian landscapes. 

One of the main things you’ll see as you make the trip is a close-up view of Mount Vesuvius looking overhead as you pass by. After no time at all, you’ll arrive at your destination. The trip is about 55 minutes long. Although located on the far eastern side of the coast, you can choose to stay in Salerno or venture to any other city with ease.

Driving From Naples to Amalfi Coast

little car fiat 500 blue in a colorful street

The easiest way to get from Naples to the Amalfi Coast is by driving yourself. If this is an option, you will likely already have a rental car. But if you don’t, renting a car for a day in Italy is exceptionally cheap. A full day’s rental can cost you as little as $10 or less; all you need to pay for is the gas you use.

Driving from Naples to the Amalfi Coast allows you to travel to just about anywhere. The drive from Naples to Sorrento is about 30 miles along the Gulf of Naples. Both cities sit right on the Gulf, opposite sides, so it’s an effortless drive to make.

From Naples, you’ll follow Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi and Corso Arnaldo Lucci to Via Galileo Ferraris for just a few minutes as you approach A3/E45. The main highway heading to the Amalfi Coast, A3/E45, runs through much of southern Italy and will be almost your drive to Sorrento.

Car in Amalfi Coast Road

You’ll stay on this highway until you reach Pompeii, where A3 splits off and joins SS145. Stay on this until you see signs to take Via Aniello Califano and Via Correale to Corso Italia/Piazza Torquato Tasso. Just a few minutes later you’ll be in downtown Sorrento.

In total, the drive will cost you about $10 plus gas and take a little under an hour. We recommend you stop at Pompeii on the way and spend a few hours exploring the ruins, though!

Bus From Naples to Amalfi Coast

Side view of Alibus in the street
Alexey Smyshlyaev / Shutterstock.com

If you don’t want to rent a car and drive yourself from Naples to Sorrento, feel free to grab a bus ticket and take the ride there. Buses regularly travel from Naples to Sorrento, and locals and tourists will likely join you, so expect a full bus. This makes traveling difficult with luggage, but it is perfect for those without too much to carry.

Just head to any bus station in Naples, such as the Alibus Central Bus Station, and purchase your ticket to Sorrento. You won’t have trouble finding an available bus, and the ticket will only cost you about $6 on average. Then, just wait for your bus to arrive, get on board, and get comfortable. Again, we recommend a window seat to make the most out of the drive.

Buses in Naples, Italy
markobe – stock.adobe.com

Once you’re on board the bus, the drive will be the same route as if you were driving yourself. Plus, there will be the addition of all the extra bus stops. So you’ll still have the opportunity to look out the window and take in the amazing views along the way, such as Mount Vesuvius and the endless blue waters of the Gulf of Naples.

So, all in all, taking a bus from Naples to Sorrento is similar to driving yourself. The route will be the same, and both are super affordable. But taking the bus doesn’t allow you to make any additional stops that intrigue you, and you have to deal with stopping at bus stops along the way. Either method will get you to Sorrento in a short amount of time, so it’s up to you in the end!

Ferry From Naples to Amalfi Coast

Ferry moving on the ocean

If you want to do something a little different, consider taking the ferry from Naples to Sorrento. You get all the benefits of taking the bus, including relaxing and taking in the views, but without the added headache of bus stop after bus stop along the way. Taking the ferry is the most relaxing and scenic method of all, and it is our favorite option.

To take the ferry, you’ll need to head to Molo Beverello Pier. Depending on where you’re in Naples, you may need to take a short bus ride to get to the port, but the same could be said for getting to the rental car place or the bus or train station. Once you’re at the port, just buy a ticket for the high-speed ferry for $15, and you’re all set.

Ferry in Naples, Italy

The high-speed ferry runs year-round from Naples to Sorrento, so you won’t have any issues catching a ride. While on the ferry, you will have unobstructed views of the mainland to the east or the endless blue waters of the Gulf of Naples and beyond to the west. You can catch views of Mount Vesuvius looming in the distance and enjoy the cool water breeze as you make your way to Sorrento. 

Not only is the ferry the most scenic travel option when it comes to getting from Naples to the Amalfi Coast, but it’s also the fastest. Faster than driving, faster than taking the bus, faster than the high-speed train. That’s because the ferry makes a straight line from Naples to Sorrento right across the Gulf of Naples.

Helicopter From Naples to Amalfi Coast

Lake, boat, colorful house at the Amalfi Coast, Italy

Now, if you really want to arrive on the Amalfi Coast in style, you could always charter a private helicopter from Naples to the Amalfi Coast. This is one way to get the best possible views — even better than the ferry! — Also, ensure that your vacation to the Amalfi Coast is one that you’ll never forget. 

If you’re considering this as an option, you may need to adjust your final destination to the island of Capri, just off the Amalfi Coast. You can’t exactly charter a helicopter flight anywhere, and flying to Capri is the most readily available option.

But that’s not bad because the island of Capri is world-famous for its beauty and the views it offers. So you could easily stay on Capri for the entire trip or take a short ferry ride over to Sorrento and go from there.

The helicopter ride from Naples to Capri will barely take time since it’s just a 20-mile flight. You’ll likely spend more time getting briefed and learning how to use your headsets than you actually will in the air! All in all, the total duration of the trip will likely be 30 minutes or less. And it’s sure to be one of the most exhilarating half-hours of your life. 

Remember that VIP helicopter service is typically only used by celebrities and other people where the cost doesn’t matter, so don’t be too taken aback when you find out how much it costs. Helicopter charters in the area typically charge $5,000 or more per hour, so you might be able to make the quick flight for a staggering $2,500. 

Getting From Naples to Amalfi Coast Compared
MethodTotal TimeTotal Cost
Train55 minutes $6 and up
Driving55 minutes $10 or less (plus gas)
Bus1 hour and 30 minutes$8 and up
Ferry40 minutes$15 and up
Helicopter25 minutes$2,500 and up

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