Some of the most magnificent homes on the planet are in Italy, but is every vacation villa in Italy a palace on Lake Como? In fact, Italy is quite full of amazing small villas. You’ll find cozy vacation homes on the shores of Lake Maggiore, as well as little villas perched above the water on The Amalfi Coast. These are the best small villas in Italy for rent.

Every city in Italy has its share of beautiful history, and you can learn about all of it when you stay in a comfortable and cozy little villa. Some homes will offer a private pool while others are within walking distance of classic Italian villages. If you’re particularly adventurous, you might try a road trip to explore some of these beautiful Italian villas, especially if you’re keen on seeing as much of Italy as possible.

Whether you stay in a single villa for a week with nothing but your thoughts and sounds of the sea or you hop from one villa to the next across the countryside, the following list of small villas in Italy should provide an excellent starting point for your next Italian adventure.


Best Small Villas in Italy to Book Today

1. Romantic Cottage

Romantic Cottage patio
Romantic Cottage / VRBO

Address: The Amalfi Coast

Italy is a beautiful country, but The Amalfi Coast stands out as one of the country’s most idyllic areas. If you seek an incredible view from a cute and cozy little seaside villa, the Romantic Cottage near the picturesque village of Minori is an amazing place to stay.

Technically, the villa can host up to three guests, but it’s probably a better stop for a couple than a trio. Guests rave about the incredible view of the water from the terrace. Enjoying breakfast outside with a view of the water is heaven on earth, and you may never want to leave this charming sanctuary that’s within walking distance of so many beautiful sights.


  • Stunning views of the water with unobstructed views from the terrace
  • Ideal for anyone seeking beautiful seaside strolls when they visit Italy


  • The road near the villa is a little loud sometimes

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2. Villa la Briciola

Villa la Briciola exterior and garden
Villa la Briciola, / VRBO

Address: Lake Maggiore

Lake Maggiore is a stunning lake that sits at the base of the Italian Alps and is one of the largest lakes in Italy. You’ll find some of the most beautiful Italian villas around this lake, and many of those idyllic homes feature the most sublime botanical gardens in Europe. 

You might assume that all the villas that touch the waters of Lake Maggiore at the foot of the Italian Alps would be huge or extravagant lake mansions, but that’s not the case with Villa la Briciola. This cozy, luxury villa is steps away from the water, and the views are amazing. 


  • The home is newly built, so it has all the modern conveniences
  • The huge patio is amazing for enjoying time outside with a view of the lake


  • The home lacks the authentic appeal of an old Italian villa 

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3. Romantic Villa

Romantic Villa exterior and garden
Romantic Villa / VRBO

Address: Florence, Italy

If you’d like to explore Florence and all of its amazing art and culture from the comfort of a small Italian Villa, the Romantic Villa should suit you beautifully. The villa is a quick 12-minute drive from Downtown Florence, and it’s just a few minutes more to reach the trails and outdoor activities near the Arno River.

The best part is that when you’re finished exploring Florence, you’ll get to return to your cozy Italian villa and its amazing private swimming pool. You might assume that only large villas would boast private pools, but that’s clearly not the case with this Romantic Villa in Florence.


  • The property has its own private heated swimming pool.
  • The villa is a beautiful combination of modern ambiance and antique rustic appeal


  • You may need to take a car from the villa to reach everything you want to see in Florence

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4. Villa Klaudia

Villa Klaudia bedroom
Villa Klaudia / VRBO

Address: Naples, Italy

Villa Klaudia was once a nineteenth-century home but was updated for modern guests and is one of the best ways to see nearby Naples on a budget. The cozy villa is very modern, so if you enjoy sleeping in modern accommodations while touring classical architecture during the day, this villa is for you. 

Not only is Naples a fun city to explore, but it’s also famous as the city that originated pizza. However, pizza isn’t the only reason to stay near Naples. Did you know that Naples is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in Europe? History buffs will love staying at Villa Klaudia, with its convenient location for exploring Italian history.


  • An affordable Italian villa for travelers on a budget
  • The house has lots of parking for travelers with cars


  • The villa is modern rather than historic

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5. Beautiful Cottage

Beautiful Cottage exterior and outdoor table
Beautiful Cottage / VRBO

Address: Sicily

Italy is surrounded by water on three sides, and that means there are all sorts of villas with Mediterranean views. But how often do those villas offer private access to the seaside? If you stay at the Beautiful Cottage in Sicily, you’ll get to walk to the ocean on your own private path.

In addition to the dreamy location, this little Italian villa is the ideal destination for anyone seeking peace and quiet. The nearest town is over a mile away, so you can luxuriate on the beach with nothing but your thoughts and a glass of wine to accompany you.


  • Private access to the seaside from the villa
  • Generous check-out time of 11:00 AM


  • The house is just 485 sq. ft., which is truly tiny and might be too small for some travelers

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6. Capannino

Address: Siena, Tuscany

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming an artist, the hills of Tuscany have probably floated through your mind. Known for its culture and artistic legacy, Tuscany is home to the city of Siena, which is where you’ll find the Capannino residence, situated beautifully in the countryside.

This amazing villa was once a barn many centuries ago and its interior was recently restored into a welcoming Tuscan villa amongst the region’s rolling hills. Whether you’re enjoying coffee in the garden or exploring the medieval city of Siena, you’ll love staying at Capannino.


  • This villa is actually an ancient barn that was restored to a bright, modern villa
  • The garden is spectacular and perfect for enjoying morning coffee


  • Town is a little far away and is too far for walking

7. The Villa Del Cedro Monza

The Villa Del Cedro Monza living area interior
The Villa Del Cedro Monza / VRBO

Address: Milan

The Villa Del Cedro Monza in Milan is on the larger side, but it’s an excellent place to stay when you’re traveling with kids, family, or friends and need a few extra beds. It’s by no means a huge home worthy of royalty, but it is a beautiful villa to stay in with its tranquil atmosphere and the peaceful terrace that surrounds the villa.

This family-size villa is the ideal vacation home when you want a taste of Italy, but you’re also interested in some classic Italian architecture and artistry. The villa offers all the modern comforts in an idyllic atmosphere for enjoying food and wine, but it feels quite authentic and elegant. You’ll also love the shower with its dedicated hydromassage.


  • Large enough for a family but small enough for a cozy feel
  • Will host parties and special events in addition to regular vacation rentals


  • Some of the beds may be a little small for large adults

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8. Positano Apartment

Positano Apartment building exterior
Positano Apartment / VRBO

Address: Positano

Sometimes all you want is solitude and privacy, but if you’re interested in interacting with a host who will offer recommendations on local adventures, you’ll want to consider the Positano Apartment which is hosted by a very helpful owner.

One of the coolest aspects of this villa in Italy to rent is that it was once only accessible by foot, given its location in the heart of Old Positano. The quiet and rustic residence is a cozy 646 square feet, which is just enough room for you and your significant other and your amazing Italian vacation.


  • The helpful host who will help you make the most of your stay
  • Wonderful place to stay to feel like you’re in historic Italy


  • No events are allowed at the villa, so keep the party small

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