As the largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily has countless beaches along its coast. When you think of Sicily, you probably automatically imagine sweeping stretches and piercing blue waters. Still, it can be hard to decide which beach you should go to on your Sicilian vacation. To make your trip planning as easy as possible, we’ve compiled a list of the best beaches in Sicily.

With all of Sicily’s stunning beaches, you really can’t go wrong no matter which you choose. But it’s best to know the difference between some of the best ones to help plan your days. After all, some beaches are better for sunbathing, some are better for snorkeling, and some have better views than others. 

Regardless of what you’ll end up doing, make sure you book a great accommodation to complement your trip. For a true taste of Italy, we recommend renting a Sicilian villa. Keep reading a look at the best beaches in Sicily, Italy, so you can have the beach vacation of your dreams.  

Isola Bella

Isola Bella beach, sicily, Italy

Offering some of the best island views anywhere in the country, Isola Bella is one of the best beaches in Italy, not only Sicily.

Isola Bella is a small island that sits just off Sicily’s coast and has some of the premier beaches in the area. This island’s name translates to “beautiful island” in English, which should give you an idea of what you can expect to see.

Also known as the Pearl of the Ionian Sea, Isola Bella has rocky beaches that are among the best in Italy for sunbathing and snorkeling. From this small island, you can also peer back towards Sicily’s coast and get amazing views of the hills and mountains. The beaches here are a must-visit during any Sicilian vacation!

Cala Rossa

Isola Bella isn’t the only island with incredible beaches off the coast of Sicily. Favignana, off the western coast of Sicily, has a slew of gorgeous beaches. One such beach is Cala Rossa, nestled on the northeastern coast of the small island. 

Like Isola Bella, Cala Rossa is another Sicilian beach composed more of rocky beaches and rock formations than soft, sandy shorelines. But you shouldn’t let that keep you away from this amazing beach. The unparalleled blue water all around you, combined with the amazing rock formations, gives you some of the most unique views of any beach in Sicily. 

Cala Tonnarella

Cala Tonnarella beach, Sicily, Italy

If you’re the adventurous type and you’re willing to put in a bit of effort to hike to an incredible beach location, then Cala Tonnarella is perfect for you. Cala Tonnarella is inaccessible by road, and it’ll require about an hour’s hike from where you park your car. But don’t let that deter you.

The reward is worth every effort it takes to get there, as the views at Cala Tonnarella are a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This beach is the diamond in the rough, a hidden gem that will leave you speechless.

With incredible blue waters and amazing hills around you, spending time at this beach will be like spending time in your little sliver of paradise.

The Coast of Cefalu

The Coast of Cefalu beach, Sicily, Italy

One of the most famous cities on the island of Sicily, Cefalu is well-known for its breathtaking scenery and incredible beaches. As a big tourist city to explore, the beach along the coast of Cefalu does get pretty crowded during peak travel seasons, but there’s a good reason for that. It’s one of the best Sicilian beaches for a family day at the beach.

The sandy beaches, piercing blue waters, and amazing views everywhere you look make Cefalu’s beaches a go-to location for visitors of all ages. If you decide to check out this incredible beach, you may consider coming in spring or fall when school is still in session, or else you can expect it to be crowded with tourists and locals alike. 


Mondello beach, sicily, italy

If your idea of the perfect beach day is endless white sand beaches and gorgeous shallow blue water that begs you to swim, then Mondello is the perfect Sicilian beach for you. Like Cefalu, this beach draws in tourists and locals during the hot summer months due to its beauty and relaxing vibes, so travel during the low season to get the most out of your visit. 

Just a short bus ride away from Palermo, Mondello is easy to reach and is worth the bus fare. Its quaint blue waters are ideal for taking a dip or wading out as far as your feet can reach. The white sand beaches are soft beneath your feet and make you want to relax all day long and soak in the Italian sunshine.

San Vito Lo Capo

San Vito Lo Capo beach

For those of you who dream of relaxing in an Italian paradise as palm trees gently sway overhead, then you’ll want to check out San Vito Lo Capo while you’re visiting Sicily. Nestled in the northwestern corner of the island, San Vito Lo Capo is one of the hidden gems of the Sicilian beach scene.

San Vito Lo Capo is one of the more modern cities on the island, offering contemporary food and activities to enjoy while you’re there. It’s less known than many of the other beaches on this list, so it’s the perfect beach to visit any time of the year without having to worry too much about crowds. 

Scala dei Turchi

Scala dei Turchi beach, amalfi, italy

Translating to English as “the Stair of the Turks”, the incredible white limestone cliffs of Scala dei Turchi offer a beach experience that you won’t get anywhere else in Sicily. This area gets its name from the staircase-like erosion that’s taking place over thousands of years, and the white cliffs themselves are a sight worth seeing.

At the base of the breathtaking cliffs are the piercing blue waters that you’re really there for. The blue waters here seem to go on forever, and taking the effort to get down to them will give you an unforgettable beach experience that you can’t get anywhere else on Earth.

The Aeolian Islands

The Aeolian Islands beach, sicily, italy

Lying off the northern coast of Sicily are the world-famous Aeolian Islands. Taking the effort to plan a day trip to these neighboring islands is a must while you’re visiting Sicily. The water on these islands’ coasts is some of the clearest that you’ll find anywhere in Italy, inviting you to jump right in and swim all day. 

As a bonus, the Aeolian Islands’ nightlife is some of the most lively anywhere in Sicily. So it’s the perfect way to spend a relaxing day at the beach before heading out for a night on the town. 

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