If you’re planning on heading to Rome, you have to visit the Colosseum. And what better way than to buy tickets for a guided tour? But finding the best tour can be tricky, which is why we’ve come up with the following list of the best Colosseum tours.

To come up with this list, we had to ask ourselves what makes a good Colosseum tour in Rome? Well, the best Colosseum tours are ones that show you as much as possible, have educated guides that answer any questions you may have, and (maybe most importantly) offer skip the line tickets so you can avoid waiting in line for hours to get tickets. 

With all that in mind, we’ve come up with the following list. Here’s a quick look at the tours we’ll go into more detail about below to make your decision-making process as easy as possible. The best Colosseum Tours are:

Best Colosseum Tours And Tickets

Front view of a Colosseum

Best Comprehensive Tour: Ancient Rome Colosseum Underground & Roman Forum

When in Rome, one of the things that you just have to do at least once is touring the Colosseum and surrounding landmarks of Ancient Rome. You’ve read about them at school, you’ve seen them on TV, now it’s time to check them out up close and personal with your own two eyes.

There are seemingly endless tour options available for this while you’re there, but let’s cut to the chase. The best comprehensive tour around is the Ancient Rome Colosseum Underground Tour. This VIP access tour is a 3 ½ to 4-hour journey through the heart of Rome, granting unprecedented access to the Colosseum and the complex labyrinth underneath it that few have seen before.

It also includes admission to and a guided tour of Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum as a bonus, but the VIP Colosseum access is the real treat here. The tour prices vary based on when you book it and how many people are in your party, but expect to pay around $120 per person. But with the access it gets you in conjunction with skipping all the lines, it’s worth every penny. 

Roman Colosseum Structure

Head straight to the iconic Colosseum and meet up with your tour guide. They’ll take you right past those multiple-hour lines and up through a quick security check before you head into the Colosseum tour in one of the most iconic landmarks in the world. With this tour, you will be afforded VIP access to the arena floor and the entire underground area under the arena floor as well.

You can really dive into the fascinating history and get a feel for what the Ancient Roman games were all about and what participants would go through before they began. After finishing up at the Colosseum, you and your group will be directed to Palatine Hill and the nearby Roman Forum to truly take in all of the major landmarks that Rome has to offer.

Palatine Hill was once the home of many of the most important political figures of the Roman Empire, and the ruins that remain give you a glimpse of their lifestyle all these years later. At the base of the hill, you’ll be shown the Roman Forum, with its impressive columns and beams towering overhead. All-encompassing, this tour truly has it all. 

Book your tour with GetYourGuide here.

Best Colosseum Express Tour: Skip the Line: Colosseum Official Guided Tour

women standing on footpath to a Colosseum

Some people don’t enjoy the multiple hours that many tour guides spend walking you through every aspect of an attraction. And when it’s something like Ancient Rome, sometimes you just want to learn what you can and then be able to look around on your own. That’s where express tours come in, and the best one to book in Rome is the Colosseum Official Guided Tour offered by Rome Museum.

This Colosseum express tour costs less than $70 per person (making it the cheapest tour on this list as well) and includes a 45-minute guided tour of the Colosseum with skip-the-line access. It also grants you access to Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum, all with skip-the-line entry. There is also the option to purchase a guided tour of the additional two attractions. 

Roman Colosseum

For the Colosseum Official Guided Tour, your guide will take you on a quick journey through the Colosseum, showing you the full arena in under an hour. But don’t let that worry you, these tour operators are trained at giving express tours, and you’ll still get the full experience!

Once the guided portion is over, you’ll be able to head on over to Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum and experience them at your own pace. This tour is the best of both worlds, giving you a guided experience while also letting you explore something on your own. Book the express tour here today.

Best Small-Group Tour: Colosseum VIP Early Morning Small Group Tour

Kid looking in a Colosseum

If you’re traveling to Rome with a small group of friends or you’re there with your family, then the Colosseum VIP Early Morning Small Group Tour is a great option. This semi-private tour (or private if you have 7 people) is the best colosseum tour to hear stories about the gladiatorial games. And you get exclusive access early in the morning to beat the crowd before all the other Colosseum tours begin.

If this sounds like the type of your for you, you need to check out the Colosseum VIP Early Morning Small Group Tour. The 75-minute Colosseum VIP Early Morning Small Group Tour starts at the Colosseum and, best yet, includes skip-the-line tickets with direct access to the Colosseum with your purchase. So no waiting in lines!

Colosseum Sunrise Scenery

This small-group tour begins at the Colosseum and grants you and your group much of the same Colosseum Underground access as the best comprehensive tour listed above. Very few tours in Rome will give you the VIP access that these two options offer, and you’ll experience something that few have.

After leaving the Colosseum, you and your group can head to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill to dive deep into ancient Roman history. Don’t wait, book your Colosseum VIP Early Morning Small Group Tour today!

Best Private Tour: Ancient Rome and Colosseum Private Tour

Tourist exploring the Colosseum

Vera / stock.adobe.com

One of the best ways to tackle any experience, but especially something as rich with history and excitement as a Colosseum tour and Ancient Rome, is to do so privately. And with all the different tour options in Rome, there is no shortage of private tours. Our recommendation for the best private tour of the area is the Ancient Rome and Colosseum Private Tour

Ancient Rome and Colosseum Private Tour is a 3 ½ tour through Rome’s most famous attractions. On this Colosseum tour, your private group will see the Colosseum, the Forum, and Palatine Hill with your private tour guide. Offered from GetYourGuide, the tour costs around $140 per person and includes coveted skip-the-line access and fast track entry, so you aren’t wasting half your day waiting in lines!

Colosseum Sunset Scenery

Once on the tour, your guide will direct you through the Colosseum, explaining the rich history of the largest amphitheater then it will take you to the Colosseum’s underground and gladiator’s entrance. You’ll likely spend around two hours here just to take it all in. After you’re finished with the Colosseum tour, the guide will lead you to the Forum and Palatine Hill.

For the last hour or so, you’ll learn all about Rome’s history and get a chance to explore these ancient ruins with just your private guide. It is a wonderful way to tour the archaeological area of the Colosseum in Rome without all the fuss.

Book your Ancient Rome and Colosseum Private Tour before it sells out.

Best History Tour: Ancient Rome and Colosseum Half-Day Walking Tour (also Private)

Castel Sant Angelo, Angel statue, hallway

If you want to learn all the history of the important sites on a Colosseum tour, then the Ancient Rome and Colosseum Half-Day Walking Tour is for you. This skip-the-line Ancient Rome and Colosseum half-day walking tour is one of the best ways to experience the city.

If you have trouble spending three hours walking, you might want to consider one of the other Colosseum tours. But for those who don’t mind, you’re in for a treat! A private guide will take you through Rome’s most famous attractions and landmarks. You’ll see the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, Piazza Venezia, the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, and Piazza Navona all in one visit.

Colosseum, Rome Sunset and Street Lights

This is one of the best Colosseum tours in Rome because it covers many great things to see and do in Rome. Having a guide explain each historic site and ancient monument, including the Colosseum Roman Forum, is a real treat!

The prices vary for this tour, but you can expect to pay about $250-$300 per tour for your group. So it certainly is not cheap by any means, but no other tour in Rome will let you see anything close to this many things. Especially not with the expert guidance of a professional tour.

So although it’s expensive and it’s a lot of walking, if you’re able to swing it, we highly recommend trying to book this tour! It’ll be well worth it. 

Best Night Tour: Colosseum Under the Moonlight

The Colosseum at night, lights,  front view

Of all the Colosseum tours, this is one of the most unique. Here you get to experience the Rome Colosseum tour under the moonlight without crowds. There’s just something special about seeing all of these impressive places and learning the fascinating history under the light of the stars and the moon.

The Colosseum Under the Moonlight tour takes you through the Colosseum arena floor, Gladiator’s gate, and teaches you all about the ancient Romans. As a bonus, all tickets purchased for this tour allow you to skip the line! As of 2023, this tour costs about $90 per ticket on GetYourGuide.

Colosseum Underground View

Colosseum Under the Moonlight starts off at Cafe Roma near the Colosseum, where you’ll meet up with your private guide. You’ll head to the Colosseum Gladiator’s gate where your priority access givesyou skip the line access to the Colosseum. Your guide will then teach tou all about the historic sites.

If you’ve ever toured it before during the day, you’ll have a completely different experience doing so at night. The quiet. The looming size. The stars in the background. It’s a surreal experience. 

Book the Colosseum Under the Moonlight for an unreal experience! It is a great tour that sells out fast.

Best Tour for Kids: Skip-the-Lines Colosseum and Roman Forum for Kids

Tourist walking inside the Roman Forum

Bringing your kids along for a Colosseum tour and seeing other parts of Ancient Rome is a great experience for everyone involved. You get to spend valuable time with your children in some of the most important places in history, and they get to learn all about it firsthand. But what’s the worst thing that can happen while traveling with kids?

The lines! Thankfully, the Colosseum and Roman Forum for Kids tour includes skip-the-line access for everyone for two days! So no waiting in lines with an antsy toddler! And if you need to leave, you can come back the next day. This tour is best booked through Viator, where you can expect to pay an average of around $90 per person in your family, but prices will vary depending on age and how many people are in the group.

This roughly 2 ½ tour will take your family on a guided adventure through the Colosseum and the incredible Roman Forum. It also includes a guide specializing in leading tours with families and children, so it won’t just be a monotonous guide spewing history!

Colosseum, Rome

You and your family just need to head to the Colosseum to meet up with your guide. They will take you past long lines and right through security before entering one of the most impressive arenas ever, the Colosseum.

The guide will tell the enchanted history of the arena to you and your kids, teaching them about its importance and the gladiators who put their lives on the line. You even get to walk on the arena floor. Once you’ve finished the visit at the Colosseum, the tour guide will lead you and your family over to the nearby Roman Forum and Palatine Hill.

Here, the guide will teach your family all about the history of Roman society — including the politics, of course — as you walk along the cobblestone streets. The best part of this Rome Colosseum tour? The tickets for this tour are valid for two days, so you and your family could come back to see more later. You just wouldn’t get the guided experience again. 

Book the Colosseum and Roman Forum for Kids tour on Viator today!

Best Self-Guided Tour: Rome Sightseeing Pass: Vatican & Ancient Rome

St. Peter's Basilica in the evening

If you don’t want one of the guided Colosseum tours, you can still see the sights of the Forum and Palatine Hill without all the fuss. A self-guided tour is a great option. The best way to do this is with a Rome Sightseeing Pass.

So what is a Rome Sightseeing Pass and how does it work? As its name implies, the Rome Sightseeing Pass is an all-inclusive pass to visit some of Rome’s most iconic landmarks without needing separate tickets for each attraction. The all-in-one pass grants the holder skip-the-line access to Rome’s best sites, including the Colosseum, Palatine Hill, the Roman Forum, the museums at the Vatican, the Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter’s Basilica at your own pace.

Colosseum Architecture

At around $100 on Viator, the price can’t be beat, especially considering that you get to see a lot of sights around the eternal city and Vatican museums! But keep in mind that the Rome Sightseeing Pass is only valid for two days, so you’ll want to make the most of it. Our recommendation is to explore much of Ancient Rome the first day and then go into the Vatican the next.

So start your tour at the Colosseum before heading to the nearby Palatine Hill and Roman Forum. Spend an hour or two at each to take it all in.

The following day, you should explore the Vatican museums. The Vatican is home to not only its typical museums but also the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica.

So you can see why you’ll need a whole day to experience everything it has to offer. But with the Rome Sightseeing Pass, you can take your time and really enjoy each of the attractions you visit with free admission included in your ticket. 

Best Combo Tour: Rome Super Saver: Colosseum and Ancient Rome

Ancient Roman Empire ruins

The best way to tour much of Rome is to take advantage of combo deals so that you’re able to save some money and see more historic sites. Although touring a few different attractions all in the same day can certainly be tiring, you’ll get the best bang for your buck and also have more things to experience.

Our favorite is the Rome Super Saver: Colosseum and Ancient Rome tour. As the name implies, the Rome Super Saver: Colosseum and Ancient Rome offering combines the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, the Colosseum, and arena floor.

This tour includes skip-the-line access to everything, including the Colosseum, arena floor, Palatine Hill, the Roman Forum, and more. Tickets can be difficult to come by for this deal as they aren’t always offered. But when they are, you can score Super Saver tickets for way under $100 per person.

Colosseum Underground Architecture

Starting at the Colosseum, your expert guide will take you through the history of the arena, showing you its impressive construction as well as everything the gladiators had to deal with as they were preparing to fight for their lives.

After, you and your guide will head to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill to check out its massive size and get an idea of its historical importance while also getting a glimpse into the history of Roman politics. On this hill, you get the best vantage point to see the ruins of the homes and buildings of some of the most influential people in Roman history. 

Book the Rome Super Saver: Colosseum and Ancient Rome Colosseum tour today!

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