One of the major cities along Italy’s famed Amalfi Coast, Positano is a dream destination for many vacationers. Best known for its incredible beaches and relaxing atmosphere, Positano offers visitors a seemingly endless amount of things to do and see. To make the trip planning process as painless as possible, we’ve compiled a list of the best things to do in Positano, Italy.

Whether you’re a beach-goer, you want to check out amazing feats of architecture and engineering, or you want to hike some of the best trails in the world. Positano has it all. The perfect trip depends on what activities and destinations you focus on during your vacation. 

The faster you plan your trip, the sooner you’ll relax on the Italian coast. Here are the best things to do in Positano, Italy!

Things to Do in Positano, Italy

Enjoy the Famous Beaches

Famous beach in Positano, Italy
Aerial view of Atrani, a small town on Italy’s Amalfi Coast

As anyone traveling to Positano is likely already aware, the city is home to the best beaches along the Amalfi Coast. But what some might not know is that the beaches here are some of the best in all of Italy.

The two main beaches that Positano offers are Spiaggia Grande and Spiaggia di Fornillo, both of which are incredible. It comes down to personal preference and what you want from your beach day.

The more popular of the two is by far Spiaggia Grande. This beach offers soft white sand and endless views of the Mediterranean Sea. Due to its popularity, expect it to get pretty crowded during the summer months. For something a little quieter, try visiting Spiaggia di Fornillo.

There’s always a warm breeze present, and it’s a much calmer atmosphere. But no matter which you choose, you’ll have some of the best beach views and most relaxing days.

Hike the Path of the Gods

path of the gods, Amalfi coast, Positano, Italy

Known to the locals as Sentiero degli Dei, the Path of the Gods is one of the most incredible hiking trails in the world, much less along the Amalfi Coast in Positano. This hiking trail will take you a few hours — maybe a bit more as you take in the amazing views — and goes from Positano to the neighboring town of Agerola.

As you walk the trail, you’ll ascend over 1,500 feet into the air, climbing halfway to the top of Mount Sant’Angelo a Tre Pizzi. The views you get along the way are some of the most breathtaking views that any trail in the world will give you.

You can look out over the entire Amalfi Coast, peer endlessly into the Mediterranean Sea, and take in the true beauty of Italy. It’s a surreal experience and one that you can’t truly understand until you make the hike yourself.

Walk the City Streets at Night

POsitano streets at night, Italy

Although Positano is famous for its amazing beaches and is certainly the place to relax during the day, the city becomes even more enticing to explore after the sun goes down. As the locals and tourists settle in after long days at the beaches, the city quiets down, and the true ambiance of a small Italian city takes over.

It’s the perfect time to walk through the streets and take it all in. The smells of the area and the whispering silence all around make for such a peaceful experience.

As businesses turn on their outdoor lights and street lives above start to light up the night sky, it’ll feel like you’re walking through an old movie scene, where life is exactly how it should be. Sit at a dessert shop or grab a coffee and watch the world go by.

Ride a Vespa Through the City

Without a doubt, the best way to get around Positano is by renting the famous Italian scooter known as a Vespa. On the scooter, you can get all around Positano and even the Amalfi Coast, with the warm Italian breeze flowing through your hair. If you aren’t comfortable with scooters or motorcycles, you might want to avoid doing this. But those who are comfortable are in for a real treat. 

Vespas are ideal for exploring Positano and the entire coast because they’re super easy to ride and small enough to squeeze past the crowds and seemingly endless tour buses that you’ll find. Just imagine riding along the Italian coast on a famous Italian scooter, with the wind in your face and the Mediterranean Sea before you. It’s a fun experience that you’ll never forget.

Go to the Church of Santa Maria Assunta

As with most Italian cities, Positano has its major church as the centerpiece of the city. In Positano, that is the Church of Santa Maria Assunta. Any time you’re in Positano and unsure where to go or where you are, just check your location relative to the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, as it’s the main landmark of the small town.

The famous church is most known for its towering dome that enables visitors to spot it from any vantage point in the city easily. Not only is the Church of Santa Maria Assunta marvelous to look out from the outside, but the inside is arguably even better. Adorning the interior is Byzantine treasures from the 13th century and beautiful artwork everywhere you look. 

Take a Boat Tour of the Coast

Boat Tour Off the Coast of Positano, Italy

As one of the premier cities along the Amalfi Coast, you’ll want to go out on a boat tour through the area. There are many tour options to choose from in Positano, and it doesn’t matter which one you settle on. They all offer unique views of the coast and the endless blue sea.

Depart from Positano and take a guided tour along the Amalfi Coast, taking in the views as well as the history of the guide. Peer out into the endless waters all around you and take it all in. Turn around and look at the cliffs of the coasts, the many towns in the area, and the incredible landscape that Italy has to offer. 

Hike Up to Montepertuso

If you’ve finished your hike along the Path of Gods as suggested above and you’re still itching for more trails, you should hike up to Montepertuso in the upper part of Positano.

Translating to English as “hole in the mountain,” you’ll see the massive stone structure as you hike, which is said to be where the Virgin Mary battled the Devil. As the legend goes, the hole in the mountain it refers to was supposedly made by the Virgin Mary’s index finger.

With the depth of the legend behind this area, you can see why it’s so important to the locals of Positano and why it’s something you don’t want to miss out on during your visit. There are multiple additional hiking paths once you reach Montepertuso, so you’ll have no problem keeping yourself busy as you explore the area.

Take a Wine Tour Along the Coast

wine tour in Positano, Italy

Although Positano is best known for its beaches as a coastal town, heading inland into the rolling hills and endless countryside of Italy is a great way to spend a day during your visit. The hills around the city are plush, full of vineyards with all your favorite wines. 

Whether you like sweet or dry, red or white, or a combination thereof, the vineyards of Positano will deliver. Take a guided wine tour to explore the different vineyards in the area and try the locals’ favorite wines. For any wine lovers out there, what could be better than a trip through the Italian countryside to sample some of the best wines in the world?

Get Dinner at Da Vincenzo Positano

While you’re visiting Positano, most of your meals will likely be unplanned and just based on where you happen to be at when you get hungry. The one exception you must make to that, however, is Da Vincenzo Positano. This amazing restaurant is one of the few in Positano that you need to make sure you get dinner at while you’re in town.

At Da Vincenzo Positano, the welcoming staff serves you many delicious dishes worth trying. They offer everything you’d hope to find in an Italian coastal town, including pasta and seafood. And no matter which entree you settle on, you can pair it with the perfect wine to add the final touch to an incredible meal.

End Your Night at Music on the Rocks

Music on the Rocks, Positano, Italy

While your nightlife options might be fairly limited in Positano, visit the cave club known as Music on the Rocks. Located along the Spiaggia Grande beach mentioned above, Music on the Rocks is the only club in Positano and is one of the world’s most unique. 

The club is actually carved into the rock wall of a cave, and you can hear the waves of the sea crashing into the club’s walls while you’re enjoying your night. So spend your day at the relaxing beach before heading to Music on the Rocks to grab a drink, listen to great music, and dance the night away. 

Explore the Amalfi Coast Towns

Positano, a picturesque town located on Italy’s Amalfi Coast, is a popular destination for tourists seeking to explore the vibrant culture and dramatic landscape of the region. This stunning coastal area combines breathtaking views of the Tyrrhenian Sea with a rich history, and there are many must-see attractions in and around Positano to create an unforgettable experience.

One of the best things to do in Positano is to venture out and explore the neighboring towns along the Amalfi Coast. One such town is Amalfi, a historic and bustling location where visitors can admire the magnificent Cathedral of St. Andrew and the ancient Roman ruins. Another charming town nearby is Sorrento, known for its lemon groves and prized limoncello liqueur, with a rich history dating back to the time of sirens in ancient myths.

While visiting these towns, tourists can enjoy the stunning beaches that the Amalfi Coast is famous for. Among them, Fornillo Beach in Positano offers a more secluded alternative to the main beach and is perfect for a relaxing day under the sun. For adventurous travelers, a hike along the Path of the Gods is essential. This exquisite trail offers a unique view of the coast’s dramatic landscape, with panoramic views stretching to Mt. Vesuvius.

In addition to natural attractions, the Amalfi Coast boasts a thriving artistic scene. Many art galleries, such as the one in Positano, showcase various art forms, including captivating sculptures and vibrant paintings from local and international artists. The area also features enchanting grottos, such as the Emerald Grotto, where visitors can appreciate the surreal beauty of the cave’s subterranean world.

Day Trip to Capri from Positano

One of the most popular activities for visitors to the Amalfi Coast is taking a day trip to the beautiful island of Capri. Known for its stunning natural wonders, charming villages, and crystal-clear waters, Capri offers a refreshing escape from the bustling streets of Positano.

A variety of boat tours are available to take you from Positano to Capri, including small-group tours, private boat tours, and traditional “gozzo” island boats. These tours often include stops at seaside grottos, allowing passengers to swim, snorkel, and explore the spectacular underwater caves. Some boat tours also offer guided visits to the famous Blue Grotto, a must-see for anyone visiting the island.

Once on Capri Island, travelers have ample time to explore its attractions at their own pace. Visitors can stroll through the charming towns of Capri and Anacapri, where they will find many shops, cafes, and historic sites. For breathtaking views of the island and sea, a visit to the Gardens of Augustus or a ride on the chairlift to Mount Solaro are highly recommended.

In addition to the mainland beauty, the waters surrounding Capri are home to the Li Galli islands, a small archipelago that is a popular spot for boat trips. These islands are famous for their legends, as they are said to have been the home of mythical sirens. Today, Li Galli is a protected marine reserve and is an ideal location for swimming and snorkeling in pristine waters.

To make the most of your day trip to Capri from Positano, it is advisable to plan your visit and book your preferred boat tour in advance. With its impressive natural landscapes, rich history, and inviting atmosphere, Capri is a destination that should not be missed during your stay on the Amalfi Coast.

Watch the Sunset

Positano, a picturesque coastal town in Italy, is an ideal destination for a romantic getaway. One of the most popular activities to enjoy during your visit is watching the sunset over the magnificent cliffs and coastline. The best time to visit Positano to experience these breathtaking sunsets is from April to October, when the weather is mild, and the days are longer.

One excellent spot to watch the sunset is the village of Termini, located at the end of the Sorrento Peninsula, about 45 minutes from Positano. From here, you can witness the sun setting behind the island of Capri, reminiscent of postcard-worthy scenery.

Another great option for sunset viewing is Hotel Marincanto, located on the eastern side of Positano. Its elevated position offers stunning views of the village and the Amalfi Coast. Moreover, Franco’s Bar can provide an enjoyable sunset experience if you secure a front-row seat, making the most of the wide, western views.

For a more adventurous sunset experience, consider taking a boat ride along the Amalfi Coast. While cruising the coastline, you can appreciate the stunning natural beauty of Positano from a unique viewpoint – not to mention, create memories of a lifetime with your loved ones.

Go Shopping

Positano is a paradise for shopping enthusiasts, with its vibrant streets full of unique shops and boutiques. Visitors can find various products, from handmade sandals to exquisite ceramic items and locally-made clothing. The following paragraphs will overview some must-visit shopping spots in Positano.

Antica Sartoria by Giacomo Cinque is a popular clothing boutique with stylish and elegant pieces. Known for its chic designs and quality fabrics, visitors can expect to come across one-of-a-kind linens and delightful patterns perfect for summer.

For those searching for beautiful souvenirs, Safari Ceramiche and Ceramica Assunta offer exquisite hand-painted ceramics. Tourists can find colorful plates, vases, and decorative items inspired by the Amalfi Coast’s exceptional beauty.

Footwear lovers will also find a haven in Positano, with ateliers specializing in handmade sandals. Shops like Nanà Positano and Maria Lampo provide a wide range of uniquely designed sandals that combine comfort and style, crafted from high-quality Italian leather.

Best Time to Visit Positano

Positano, a picturesque hillside village on the Amalfi Coast, is a popular destination for tourists seeking a romantic and idyllic vacation. The best time to visit Positano depends on individual preferences. Still, generally, the summer months are peak season, with many visitors flocking to the seaside village to soak up the sunshine and relax on the area’s charming beaches, including Spiaggia Grande and Fornillo Beach.

If you plan your visit during the peak season, consider booking accommodations such as Hotel Marincanto or Hotel Villa Franca in advance, as they tend to fill quickly. While staying in Positano, indulge in the delicious Italian cuisine at its fantastic restaurants like Chez Black or La Tagliata, where you can sample various local dishes, including pizza and mouth-watering pastries.

May, June, September, and October are ideal for tourists who prefer fewer crowds and slightly cooler temperatures, making it a perfect time for exploring the narrow streets of Positano or embarking on a walking tour to places like Nocelle or Montepertuso. Renting a scooter or taking a Vespa tour through Campania’s scenic roads is another great way to explore the region during this time.

For music and nightlife enthusiasts, the famous Music on the Rocks club offers an opportunity to dance the night away in a unique and vibrant setting. Visitors interested in history and culture shouldn’t miss visiting the nearby Santa Maria Assunta church or planning a day trip to Pompeii. This well-preserved ancient Roman city is easily accessible from Positano.

Outdoor activities, such as hiking along the Path of the Gods (Il Sentiero degli Dei), offer breathtaking views of the Amalfi Coast and the island of Capri and are best experienced outside the hot summer months — the spring or fall is preferable for such activities. Sightseeing opportunities, such as the Arienzo Beach Club and wine tastings in local establishments, further enhance the Positano experience.

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