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Florence, Italy is a romantic city in the heart of Tuscany filled with historic buildings, world-renowned museums, and exceptional cuisine. Running alongside the Arno river, Florence has a lavish history progressing from papal seats to the wealthy Medici family. Walk the halls of the Uffizi Gallery in the morning and go to Piazza Michelangelo at sunset.

Types of Villas Available in Florence, Italy
Villas for rent in Florence are known for their traditional Italian flare and cozy kitchens overlooking the Tuscan countryside. Florence is an ideal place to rent a villa because it is nestled in the best culinary and wine region of the world while also providing easy access to the bustling town center.

What to look for
When evaluating villa rentals in Florence, look for amenities that fit your trip. If you plan to spend most of your time in the city center, opt for a villa nearby with bus access. For city villas, also look at the kitchen to ensure it is big enough for your needs as some villas offer small kitchens inside the city. It is also a good idea to look for outdoor and leisure space so you have room to relax after a day of exploring.

If you plan on exploring more of the countryside, look for a villa with parking just outside the city ring to avoid traffic. Villas further outside the city center will (likely) have better views of the countryside and offer a quieter experience. Make sure to look for amenities that you need like wifi or a personal driver to make sure your stay is comfortable.

Villas for Rent in Florence

via Volterrana, 53, 50023 Impruneta Metropolitan City of Florence, Italy

“Alle Montanine” Villa Poggio

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