Lucca, a charming city in Tuscany, Italy, offers visitors an authentic experience of Italian culture, cuisine, and architecture. Surrounded by Renaissance-era walls and cobblestone streets, this picturesque city provides an ideal destination for those looking to enjoy a luxurious vacation. One way to immerse oneself in the appeal of Lucca is by choosing to stay in one of its many magnificent villas.

These exquisite accommodations often embody the perfect blend of historical elegance and modern amenities. Staying in a villa allows guests to enjoy the comforts of a spacious and well-appointed home and experience the stunning Tuscan countryside.

Among the vast array of options available, these villas have been carefully selected as some of the best based on criteria such as location, amenities, and authentic charm.

From centuries-old estates in the surrounding hills to chic abodes within the city center, each villa offers a unique experience that caters to different preferences. Regardless of your choice, staying in one of Lucca’s top villas promises to create unforgettable memories in this enchanting Italian city.

Extraordinary Villas With Surreal Frescoes, Surrounded by Parks, Vineyards and Olive Groves

Lucca, a charming medieval city in Tuscany, is well-known for its extraordinary villas that once belonged to noble families. These historic villas, scattered throughout the city and its countryside, are surrounded by scenic parks, vineyards, and olive groves, offering a unique experience for those seeking to immerse themselves in the Tuscan lifestyle.

These elegant villas showcase surreal frescoes, beautiful staircases, and magnificent furnishings, reflecting their former owners’ prestigious status and wealth. Staying in one of these villas in Lucca allows guests to experience luxury and history while providing ample opportunities to admire the breathtaking Tuscan landscapes.

Many of the facilities in these villas have been carefully restored and updated with modern amenities, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay. From infinity pools to outdoor dining areas, you can enjoy the best Italian living in the heart of the countryside. Moreover, staying in one of these villas offers easy access to the best towns in Tuscany that are popular among tourists.

Lucca’s historic villas provide the perfect setting for regal celebrations, intimate gatherings, or relaxing holidays. The countryside’s luxurious surroundings and natural beauty will undoubtedly make your stay in Lucca memorable and enjoyable.

So, if you’re planning a visit to the enchanting region of Tuscany, consider staying in one of Lucca’s extraordinary villas. This will enable you to fully explore Italy’s rich history, culture, and landscapes while enjoying luxury and comfort in a unique setting.

Villa Name Location Historical Significance Amenities Accommodation Capacity
Villa Bernardini Vicopelago, Lucca 16th-century villa with Baroque architecture and frescoes Gardens, chapel, private parking Up to 14 guests
Villa Grabau San Pancrazio, Lucca 16th-century villa with Italian Renaissance architecture Gardens, swimming pool, tennis court Up to 20 guests
Villa Mansi Segromigno in Monte, Capannori 16th-century villa with Mannerist architecture and frescoes Gardens, private chapel, spacious living areas Up to 18 guests
Villa Oliva San Pancrazio, Lucca 15th-century villa with Roman and Medieval architectural elements Gardens, swimming pool, terrace Up to 12 guests
Villa Reale Marlia, Capannori 16th-century villa with Neoclassical architecture, former residence of Elisa Bonaparte Extensive gardens, frescoes, grand ballroom Up to 30 guests
Villa Torrigiani Camigliano, Capannori 16th-century villa with Baroque architecture and frescoes Gardens, sculptures, private chapel Up to 16 guests

Villa Bernardini

Events at Villa Bernardini in Lucca, Italy

Villa Bernardini is a stunning 12-bedroom villa in Lucca, offering a luxurious and exclusive retreat for discerning travelers. Located just 10 minutes from the walled city of Lucca, the villa is set amidst aristocratic estates adorned with cypresses, magnolia, weeping willow trees, lilied lakes, and fountains. Built in 1615, Villa Bernardini is one of the best-preserved villas in Lucca, designed with elegance and sobriety upon the request of Bernardino Bernardini, the Ambassador of the Republic of Lucca.

This beautifully restored historic little hamlet is perfect for families with children and large groups seeking a luxurious vacation in the beautiful Lucchese hills. The villa can accommodate up to 24 guests, making it an ideal choice for those looking for the best Lucca villas for rent, as well as family villas in Lucca.

The grounds of Villa Bernardini feature various picturesque gardens, creating a serene atmosphere for guests to unwind and relax. The Italian gardens are scented with lemon trees, and ornamental ponds and antique fountains can be found throughout the property and terrace. Stroll through the gardens and admire the babbling brook that adds to the tranquil ambiance, making this villa a memorable retreat in Tuscany.

The 12 individually styled bedrooms provide a comfortable and gracious living experience. Each room reflects the villa’s elegant history and has been renovated with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a touch of refinement and sophistication for guests. The villa also offers modern amenities to ensure comfort, including a fully equipped kitchen and contemporary bathrooms.

Villa Grabau

Front view of Villa Grabau in Lucca, Italy

Villa Grabau, conveniently located just 7 kilometers from the city center of Lucca, is an excellent choice for those seeking a luxurious and serene environment. This historic villa boasts a stunning English Garden, which showcases trees from all over the world and provides a romantic ambiance. The garden is especially picturesque in autumn, with vibrant colors enveloping the area.

Guests staying in Villa Grabau can choose from various rental options, catering to a range of group sizes. For instance, the independent house within a private garden can accommodate up to 10 people and offers access to the pool, solarium, and parking. For larger groups, “L’Arancera di Villa Grabau” can host up to 18+5 persons per night, making it ideal for events, wedding parties, and family gatherings.

In addition to its lush gardens, Villa Grabau is also known for its architectural and artistic beauty. The villa’s history and heritage can be appreciated through guided tours that provide a glimpse into its lavish halls and ornate decorative elements. Visitors seeking Lucca villa rentals should consider Villa Grabau for its unique blend of luxurious amenities and historical charm.

Villa Grabau is also a sought-after wedding venue in the Lucca region. Its enchanting gardens create an ideal setting for outdoor ceremonies, with tall trees providing ample shade for guests during hot summer days. Couples who dream of tying the knot in a remarkable Italian setting will find Villa Grabau’s romantic atmosphere quite fitting.

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Villa Mansi

Villa Mansi exterior view in Lucca, Italy

Villa Mansi, an iconic property in Lucca, is considered one of Tuscany and Italy’s most beautiful and representative villas. Located in Segromigno in Monte, it is situated within the territory of the Municipality of Capannori. The villa is a prime example of 17th-century architecture, designed by Muzio Oddi, an architect from Urbino. Its imposing mannerist-style facade immediately captures visitors’ attention with a picturesque view of the large front lawn.

The villa was once owned by the wealthy Mansi family, who acquired it in the 17th century from the Cenami family. It has been known for its peaceful setting and luxurious atmosphere throughout history. Today, Villa Mansi is a testament to the opulence and beauty of the Renaissance and the Lucca region.

For those seeking a taste of history and beauty during their vacation, Lucca vacation rentals offer a unique opportunity to reside in or near Villa Mansi. Staying at a Lucca Italy rental near this villa immerses visitors in the elegance and charm of a bygone era. While touring the villa and its intricate gardens, guests can appreciate the rich history and stunning architecture that Villa Mansi has to offer.

Villa Oliva

Beautiful lawn of Villa Oliva at Lucca, Italy

Villa Oliva is a prestigious historic villa situated on the hills of Lucca in the locality of San Pancrazio. Just 6 kilometers from Lucca, it holds immense historical and artistic value. Built in the 15th century, Villa Oliva was designed by the famous Renaissance architect Matteo Civitali. Initially serving as a country residence for the Buonvisi family, it changed hands and was owned by various individuals, including the Montecatini family.

Nowadays, Villa Oliva has been transformed into a luxurious holiday home. This 16th-century olive press has been fully restored to offer a welcoming atmosphere with modern amenities. The villa features four bedrooms, each with comfortable double beds and ensuite bathrooms. To make the villa even more desirable for holidaygoers, an outdoor pool and a well-maintained garden provide the perfect setting for a relaxing getaway in Lucca.

Apart from its architectural and artistic allure, Villa Oliva offers an unforgettable experience for vacationers who wish to immerse themselves in the rich Tuscan culture. Renting a villa in Tuscany means indulging in the finest Italian cuisine. With numerous restaurants around the area that serve fresh, local ingredients, guests will have plenty of dining options to explore. For a greater variety of luxury holiday homes in Lucca, visit Villas for Rent in Tuscany, Italy.

Villa Oliva seamlessly combines its significant historical background with the comfort and luxury of a modern holiday home. With its elegant ambiance, stunning location, outdoor pool, private room, and access to the finest restaurants, Villa Oliva is an ideal choice for those looking for villas near Lucca with a pool.

Villa Reale

The 3 storey Villa Reale di Marlia in Lucca, Italy

Villa Reale di Marlia is a stunning historical villa located just 10 km outside of the city center of Lucca, Italy. Recognized as a national monument, Villa Reale was once the royal palace during the brief reign of Elisa Bonaparte, Napoleon’s sister, as Princess of Lucca from 1806 to 1814. Today, the villa is a testament to its storied past, standing proudly within a beautiful park and featuring gorgeous gardens.

Dating back to the High Medieval period, Villa Reale has undergone numerous transformations, from a fortress belonging to the Dukes of Tuscia to a noble two-story palace under the Buonvisi family. The villa holds a special place among the most opulent villas in the Lucca area and offers visitors an opportunity to experience its rich history.

Villa Reale provides a luxurious destination that combines history with modern amenities for vacationers looking for Lucca villas or apartment rentals. Many rental options in the area offer private pools, allowing guests to unwind after a day exploring the stunning Tuscan countryside. Local attractions like the thermal spa center of Montecatini Terme, just 30 minutes away, offer additional relaxation and enjoyment during your stay.

If you’re considering a stay in a Lucca villa with a private pool below, the proximity to local attractions, such as The Best Wine Tours in Florence and Tuscany, adds to the allure of Villa Reale. Tuscany is famed for its landscapes, vineyards, and wineries; these wine tours offer an opportunity to explore the region’s culinary heritage.

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Villa Torrigiani

Grandiose facade of Villa Torrigiani in Lucca, Italy

The Villa Torrigiani is a remarkable and historic villa located in the hamlet of Camigliano, a town in Capannori, just 6 miles from Lucca. This villa, dating back to the second half of the sixteenth century, stands out from other villas in Lucca and Tuscany due to its distinct multicolored facade, obtained using different materials. It offers a unique and charming vacation rental experience for visitors wishing to explore the beauty and charm of Lucca and the surrounding Tuscan landscapes.

Villa Torrigiani is nestled within stone walls and large gates, giving it an air of exclusivity and historical prominence. It is an excellent option for those seeking luxurious vacation apartment rentals in Lucca, as it goes beyond the typical villa experience by offering access to beautiful gardens, artwork, and architectural design elements from various periods of history.

In addition to the captivating facade, the Villa Torrigiani is surrounded by picturesque gardens that form an integral part of the property. Visitors can enjoy relaxing strolls amid the lush greenery, which has been carefully maintained to keep up with the villa’s historical integrity. The nearby worker’s cottages in Borgo Parigi offer an intriguing glimpse of the villa’s past, adding to the depth of the experience while visiting Camigliano.

For tourists looking to explore more of Lucca’s numerous villas, Villa Torrigiani is ideally situated within easy reach of other compelling sites. With the various transportation options and guided tours available, visiting multiple villas during the golf course of one’s stay in Lucca becomes a stress-free and memorable experience.

Villa Torrigiani is a premier destination for visitors in search of exceptional vacation rentals in Lucca, Italy. Its rich history, stunning architecture, and verdant gardens make it an unforgettable choice for anyone wishing to experience the enchanting magic of Tuscany.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top luxury villa rentals in Lucca?

Lucca is home to several high-end villa rentals that cater to the needs of discerning travelers. Some of the top luxury villas in Lucca include the Autumn Bella. This historic Tuscan country house accommodates up to 15 guests and offers stunning views of the surrounding orchards, olive groves, and hills (Plum Guide). Another popular option is Casa degli Ulivi, which features 3,552 sq. ft. of private property, an outdoor pool, a shaded dining area, and a pizza oven. For a more historic experience, consider staying at Villa Bernardini, a well-preserved villa built in 1615 with an elegant and sober design.

How do Lucca vacation rentals compare to those in Tuscany?

As Lucca is part of the Tuscany region, its vacation rentals share many characteristics similar to those found throughout the rest of Tuscany. Lucca and Tuscany pride themselves on their picturesque landscapes, rich history, and architectural gems.

In Lucca, vacationers can enjoy a more urban experience, as the city is home to stunning churches, historic walls, and bustling piazzas. Some popular activities in Lucca include cycling around the city walls and visiting composer Giacomo Puccini’s birthplace. On the other hand, a Tuscan countryside vacation rental might offer peaceful rolling hills, vineyards, and authentic farmhouses where guests can participate in wine or olive oil tastings.

Regardless of the location, vacation rentals in Lucca and Tuscany tend to be luxurious, with beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces, and many offer private pools and gardens. Ultimately, the choice between accommodation in Lucca and other parts of Tuscany boils down to personal preferences and the desired vacation experience.

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