Depending on where you’re coming from and what airline you’re flying to Rome, you’ll end up in one of the city’s two main airports — Fiumicino or Ciampino.

It heavily depends on whether you’re flying regionally or internationally due to the airport’s size and capability, as Fiumicino is much larger and busier than Ciampino. Here’s what you need to know about each airport. 

Comparing Rome’s Airports

AspectFiumicino (FCO)Ciampino (CIA)
Airport TypePrimary international airportSecondary airport, mainly for low-cost carriers
Distance from Rome City Center22 miles (35 km)9 miles (14 km)
Transportation OptionsTrain, bus, taxi, rental carBus, taxi, rental car (no train)
Terminals4 terminals2 terminals
Annual Passengers43 million (2019)6 million (2019)
Top AirlinesAlitalia, Ryanair, EasyJet, VuelingRyanair, Wizz Air, EasyJet
AmenitiesExtensive dining, shopping, loungesLimited dining and shopping options
ConnectivityHub for international flightsMainly domestic and European flights

Key Considerations:

  • Fiumicino is the larger, better-connected airport for international travel
  • Ciampino is closer to the city center and ideal for budget airlines
  • Fiumicino offers more transportation options, including direct train service
  • Ciampino has fewer amenities but can be more convenient for short European trips

Fiumicino Airport

Passengers at the Fiumicino airport
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Rome’s main airport and the larger of the two by far, Fiumicino (FCO), is typically the airport of choice when you’re flying to and from Rome. As you’ll learn, Fiumicino is the only Roman airport offering long-distance, international flights. So if you’re flying from overseas into Rome, you will be flying into one of the five terminals at Fiumicino when you arrive. 

Due to its relatively larger size and how much busier it is than Ciampino, Fiumicino has many more stores and restaurants. This is a good thing because you should expect some long wait times for almost anything at this busy airport. If you’re flying in from out of the country, you’ll have to wait not only for your baggage — which can take up to an hour or more — but also for immigration. That can be another hour or two easily.

Fiumicino Airport
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From Fiumicino, it’s easy to get to Rome and the city center no matter how you want to make the trip. From the airport itself, you have all the popular travel options to reach the city of Rome: trains, buses, or taxis. 

Leaving Fiumicino, you can choose from a regional or high-speed train to head straight to Termini (the main station in Rome) in 30 minutes or less. Many bus options will take you to the same spot, although it’ll take closer to 40-45 minutes, depending on traffic.

Lastly, if you don’t want to take the train or ride in a crowded bus, you can pay the extra cost and take a taxi from Fiumicino, but it’s typically not worth the price compared to the other options.

Ciampino Airport

An airplane parked at Ciampino Airport
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If you’ve been to Fiumicino (or almost any other airport), you may be shocked at just how small Ciampino (CIA) airport is when you arrive. This tiny airport only has one terminal, but that isn’t always bad. It’s less crowded, far less busy, and much easier to find your way around than the bustling activity common at Fiumicino. 

As alluded to previously, Fiumicino is the only option for long-distance international flights, so you won’t be flying into or out of Ciampino if that’s the case. This may or may not be good in your eyes, depending on where you’re flying to or from, but there’s one for sure — getting through security and baggage at Ciampino is way faster than it is at Fiumicino! Without all the immigration, passport, and long security lines, you can be in and out of Ciampino in no time.

This is definitely a good thing because, unlike Fiumicino, Ciampino is not filled with shopping locations or restaurants to eat at. So you won’t have much to do at the airport once you’re through security, but you also won’t have to get there two or more hours early either. So it’s both good and bad, but Ciampino is what you can expect from a tiny regional airport.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which airport is closest to the city of Rome?

Ciampino (about 15 km) is closer to Rome’s city center than Fiumicino (about 30 km). Reaching Rome after leaving Ciampino will still take at least 25-30 minutes. 

How far is Rome Fiumicino Airport from the city center?

If you take a train, a taxi, or a bus, the trip from Fiumicino airport to the city center of Rome will take around 30-45 minutes.

Is Rome Fiumicino Airport also known as Leonardo da Vinci Airport?

The main airport of Rome, Fiumicino, is also called the Leonardo da Vinci airport. The names are used interchangeably while in Rome, so keep that in mind when you’re planning your trip.

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