The best way to explore Tuscany and its capital city of Florence is on a Vespa. Many authentic Italian scooter tours provide incredible views of the beautiful Tuscan countryside and easy access to nearby towns. But there are so many Vespa tours to choose from that it can be difficult to determine which one is best for you. Don’t worry, we’ve come up with the best Vespa tours in Florence and Tuscany for you to choose from!

The tours we have hand-selected for you have different options, such as a tour through a city or the countryside. We even have some private tours that can be customized for your tour group. So, depending on who you’re traveling with and what you want to experience, we’ve got you covered with the best Tuscany Vespa tours!

And remember, regardless of what Vespa tour you do, make sure you book a beautiful villa to complement your trip. For a true taste of Italy, we recommend renting a Tuscan villa.


Best Vespa tours in Florence and Tuscany

Best City Tour: Florence Vespa Tour

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The most popular option on this list is the Vespa tour of Florence. This two hour Vespa tour in Florence takes you through the center of Florence and out to the Florence hills.

Couple on Vespa tour in Tuscany
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The Florence Vespa Tour is one of our favorite tours in Florence because you get to drive your own Vespa while following a tour leader. Your local guide will take you through Florence’s small city streets, surrounding you with the city’s rich history and culture. This is the type of scooter tour that makes you feel like a real local.

The Vespa tour starts at the famous Monument to General Manfredo Fanti (where it also ends) before heading off to explore the fantastic city. The first stop you will make is at the Piazza San Marco. After this, you’ll head to the famous Piazzale Michelangelo, where you can get the best views of Florence. So get out there and hop on a scooter. It’s time to explore!

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Best countryside tour: Tuscany Vespa Tour

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For those looking to leave the crowded streets of Florence behind for some fresh country air, the Tuscany Vespa Tour is an excellent option for you. This half-day guided tour will take about six hours, but it includes much more than just a simple Vespa tour.

In fact, this is one of our favorite Tuscany Vespa tours because it has everything that most travelers are looking for: Vespas, wine, and Tuscan views. You begin your Vespa tour in Florence then head to the Chianti hills in an air-conditioned van (essential in the summer) to a private winery and country estate. Once you get to the winery you get to enjoy a typical Tuscan lunch.

And you will get your own Vespa that you drive while being led by a tour guide. Don’t worry, the tour guide will teach you how to drive the Vespa scooter before sending you off to discover Tuscany. While driving your own Vespa you can take in the incredible views of the stunning Tuscan countryside and hills surrounding Florence. There are a few stops for a picture break so you can take the memories home with you.

Tuscany Vespa Tour, Italy
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After exploring the Tuscan countryside by Vespa Scooter the real fun begins. You will return to the private Tuscan winery for some local wine and lunch. Your guide will explain all about the wine production of the vineyard while you enjoy a wine tasting under the Tuscan sun.

Between the Vespa rides, the Italian lunch, and the wine, you won’t get a more authentic Tuscan experience than this tour! You can book your tour on Viator here.

Best electric Vespa tour & best budget Vespa tour: Self-Drive Vintage Vespa Tour at Sunset with Wine Tasting

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Do you want to explore Chianti and its picturesque olive groves on an Instagram-worthy electric Vespa? Then the Self-Drive Vintage Vespa Tour at Sunset for a Vespa tour is for you. The starting meeting point is in Florence where you will learn how to use the electric scooter before taking off on your adventure. 

You’ll leave the city through the Via Gherardo Silvani as you make your way through the Florence hills. You won’t be just another tourist on this Vespa tour. This exciting tour will take you to the nearby Fiesole (which has an incredible market) and the Tuscan hills. You’ll also get to stop at the Piazza Michaelangelo which overlooks the medieval villages and Florence.

Italy Self-Drive Vintage Vespa Tour
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This is one of the best Vespa tours in Florence because the Vespas are electric. You can truly enjoy the sounds and smells of Tuscany without the loudness of a gas scooter. The ride through the Italian countryside will give you breathtaking views of the rolling hills as well as countless vineyards and olive groves.

Another reason why this is one of the best tours in Florence is that after your Vespa tour, you get to enjoy some traditional Tuscan fare at a real Italian villa. This includes wine from the Chianti region, espresso, and snacks.

Once you’ve enjoyed your wine tastings, you will hop back on the Vespa and return to Florence. The setting sun will highlight the Tuscan countryside in ways you could only imagine, and you’ll get some of the best views imaginable right from your own Vespa. You can book your tour on Viator here.

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Best Small Group Tour: Small Group Tuscany by Vespa

Vespa parked outside a house

If you want a guided Vespa tour from Florence without a lot of tourists but don’t want the expense of a private tour, the Small Group Tuscany by Vespa Tour is perfect for you. This 6-hour tour will take you out of the city and into the Tuscan hills surrounding Florence.

While enjoying your Vespa tour from Florence, you will cruise along quaint roads in the Chianti area. After a drive you’ll stop at a farmhouse where you’ll enjoy a typical Tuscan lunch and wine tasting. You’ll also get to enjoy olive oil tastings here!

Florence Vespa Panoramic Tour

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The Small Group Tuscany by Vespa Tour is one of our favorite Vespa tours in Florence for several reasons. First, a van takes you outside the city center of Florence so you can start your Vespa tour on calm, open streets. Second, they offer double scooters which is perfect for couples or friends if one person doesn’t want to (or doesn’t feel comfortable) driving their own Vespa (they do have single Vespa options too). And third, the views are incredible. The wine and olive oil tastings in the traditional Italian farmhouse make this a really great tour for a trip to Italy.

Book the Small Group Tuscany by Vespa Tour here.

Best Private Tour: Private Vespa Tour in Tuscany from Florence

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For those seeking a custom, private Vespa tour, the Private Vespa Tour in Tuscany from Florence is a must. On this Vespa tour, you can ride at your own pace, which makes it great for honeymooners and senior travelers. And unlike the other tours on this list, you plan your tour with your local guide to create a tour through the Tuscan hills that checks all your boxes.

This 6-hour guided tour picks you up from your hotel in Florence. You’ll stop along Via Francigena and at a Tuscan vineyard that offers a typical Tuscan lunch, honey tasting, wine tasting, and olive oil tasting. Other tours on this list offer local wines and lunch, but none quite like this.

In fact, this is one of our favorite Vespa tours because the entire tour is quiet and calm. Even your lunch at the medieval town has a family-table vibe. You can truly discover Tuscany and take in the beautiful rolling hills without a lot of people trying to snap photos or revving their engines. This is the tour option from Florence for those looking for a romantic and quiet Vespa tour on their trip.

Tuscany Private VESPA Tour
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Let’s talk about the route for the Vespa ride from Florence. Starting at the Piazzale di Porta Romana, you’ll head to the Tuscan countryside while stopping at medieval villages that you and your guide plan. You can choose to visit Chianti Classico, Castello di Radda, Podere La Piaggia, San Gimignano, and more.  

As you get deeper into the countryside, you’ll reach a local vineyard nestled in the olive groves where you’ll enjoy that family-style lunch we talked about complete with honey, wine and olive oil. After lunch, you’ll continue exploring the Tuscan hills and taking in incredible views.

Between the privacy, the personal guide, the customization, and the tour’s length, this is the best option for a private and romantic Vespa tour through Tuscany!

Book your Private Vespa Tour in Tuscany from Florence on Viator.

Before you go on your Vespa tours in Florence…

A few things you should know before booking one of these Vespa tours. First, choose the Vespa tour from Florence that will give you what you are looking for. Of course, the Private Vespa Tour in Tuscany from Florence is more expensive, but it will provide you the ability to customize where you go (like San Gimignano for excellent white wine tastings). If you’re on a budget, go for the Self-Drive Vintage Vespa Tour at Sunset with Wine Tasting.

Second, it is always a good idea to get third party insurance before international travel. Some credit cards offer insurance, but it is good to have travel insurance too just in case.

The good news is that the Vespa tours on this list provide a full refund if canceled in advance (check the Viator listing to see deadlines). The Vespa tours are less frequent in the off season and might get cancelled due to weather. Make sure to check your weather before your trip!

Lastly, pack light! You won’t want a big bag dragging you down on these Vespa tours! Enjoy the fresh air and scenery without that extra bag of luggage.


Do I need a valid driving license for a Vespa tour?

While the tours don’t require it, it is helpful to have a valid driving license. You will be shown how to ride the Vespa on all of these tours so you will be ready to drive. If you have an international driving license you are completely in the clear!

Is a Vespa tour safe?

Yes, all the tours in Florence will teach you how to ride the Vespa and provide helmets. If you are uncomfortable driving, book one of the tours that have double scooters so you can be a passenger.

Why should I do a Vespa tour from Florence?

Vespa tours are a great way to explore Tuscany on your trip to Italy. It is the best way to see the Florence hills and the surrounding countryside. It also provides access to wine tastings that you wouldn’t have access to as a regular tourist.

What’s the difference between Vespa tours and moped tours?

Vespa tours are more traditional as you ride the Florence Vespa which is an Italian staple. Moped tours are similar (note that Vespas can be mopeds) but many times the moped tours do not use Vespas so you will miss out on that aspect.

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