I have been to Italy three times on long—more than three-week—vacations. Last summer, my partner and I went to Tuscany for her cousin’s wedding and decided to make a holiday of it. Through friends of her family, we stayed in a medieval town outside of Florence for the first week and on the Tuscan coast for the remaining two weeks.

There is not an inch of Italy that is without beauty or aesthetic interest, but Tuscany, in my experience, exceeds them all. Tuscany sits in the central northwest corner of Italy. It is the home not only of Florence, which houses some of the greatest art in the world, but also that 15,000-ton marvel of architecture, The leaning Tower of Pisa, and it was where Carlo Collodi, who wrote the Adventures of Pinocchio in 1883, got his start.

There is a reason why up to 50 million people visit Tuscany every year. The wine, the culture, the history, and the stunning landscapes attract the curious and the sensual. But it is the Tuscan coast that offers the most satisfaction for those who want to relax, recharge, and enjoy the good life.

If you are thinking of going to Tuscany, you should seek out villas in Tuscany for rent. These tend to be better than the hotels in Tuscany, and there are plenty of them! From old renovated houses that have been in families for generations to more recent buildings, a range of styles and locations are available. Here is a sample of the best villas on the Tuscany coast.

Villas in Tuscany Coast

1. Villa Paduletto

Villa Paduletto pool
Villa Paduletto / tuscany-villas.it

No luxury hotel can top this nice stone building located in the Lido Di Camaiore area. It can comfortably sleep 14 people with six very cosy rooms and six bathrooms. It is one of the most luxurious and spacious of the many villas on the Tuscany coast we will be discussing (and friends, that is saying something).

Villa Paduletto is only 4 miles from the town of Viareggio and only 1 mile from a fully equipped private beach. You can go for a swim in the morning, which is almost mandatory in the summer as temperatures reaches 90 degrees by 10 am, and then go into town to buy fresh produce and wine for a nice late afternoon lunch.

You should consider renting this villa if you plan to go on holiday with a group of people. The property is divided into small apartments that are not adjoining. Each of the apartments has a double bedroom and a living area with a table, sofa, and kitchenette. The ground floor of the villa contains a common dining room and a large kitchen. The kitchen includes a coffee machine, microwave, toaster, refrigerator, and tableware and cutlery for 14 people.

There is also a clean, well-maintained, and quite a large seasonal outdoor swimming pool where you can cool down, chat with your friends, and enjoy a glass of Tuscan wine.

Florence is 61 miles away. Much closer is Pisa, at 24 miles away. You can get to both by train, and the train station is only 3 miles from the villa. Free shuttle service is available.

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2. Villa Guardistallo

Villa Guardistallo buikding and pool
Villa Guardistallo / Booking.com

This villa is only 6 miles from the hamlet of Guardistallo. As I said before, there are very few places in Italy that are not of cultural, historic, or aesthetic interest. This little commune is one of the hidden gems of the region. It is situated along a low ridge in the Pisan hills.

The beach is not too far away, which will give you an opportunity to enjoy a daily swim and explore the beautiful old buildings of the town. There are also restaurants, coffee bars, and shops to buy fresh food. Guardistallo was originally an Etruscan town, so there is a great deal of that history on display for those interested.

The property itself can accommodate up to 21 guests in eight bedrooms and ten bathrooms. It is separated into two independent apartments, which can be connected by an inside staircase.

You can reach Viareggio, San Gimignano, Pisa, Florence, and Marina di Campo airport by train. The station is 9 miles away.

3. Casa Alla Strettoia

Kitchen at Casa Alla Strettoia
Casa Alla Strettoia / Booking.com

None of the leading hotels in the region have anything on this is beautiful 645 square foot stone building. One of the best things about it: air conditioned rooms. An increasing number of villas in Tuscany are outfitted with this appliance, but not all so this is a definite plus for the house. There is also a washing machine for you to launder your clothes and swimwear.

The property contains two bedrooms and one bathroom and can comfortably sleep up to four people. It is a perfect holiday home for a small family or a small group of friends. You will also have your own outdoor pool.

Casa Alla Strettoia is located 3 miles from Servezza, a little village set in the midst of the Garfagnana mountains. You can enjoy the sight of fascinating, even dizzying, geological contrasts and explore marble caves. This is a hilly area that will appeal to hikers, climbers, and walkers. The elegant Gallia Palace Hotel will soon be opening nearby.

A free private rocky beach is only 4 miles from the villa. There is a shopping center nearby where you can buy fresh groceries and other essentials. The property also has a private garden where you can relax and cool down after a day at the beach or exploring the region. It also contains a fully furnished patio if you prefer to have your meal outdoors.

Pisa is 31 miles away and Florence is 68 miles away. The train station (1 mile) will get you to both.

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4. Villa Giglioli

Villa Giglioli building and garden
Villa Giglioli / tuscany-villas.it

Located in Forte Dei Marmi, no elegant hotel can outdo this is attractive stone villa. The guest rooms feature air conditioning and, perhaps most importantly, WiFi Internet. The latter cannot be taken for granted in Italy. Even the more populated parts of the country are not as wired as similar regions in the United States. If your holiday break does not include a break from being online, Villa Giglioli may be a good option for you.

The property can accommodate up to six guests in three bedrooms and four bathrooms—this last is another plus for the villa!

Among the Tuscan villas covered here, this one is closest to the coast. If you are all in for Tuscan beaches, boating, scuba diving, and beautiful sunsets, they are a mile within your reach. The property is also near local shops where you can buy fresh food and wine. A large shopping center is only 6 miles from the villa.

The train station is 6 miles away, which makes it easy for you to get to points throughout the region.

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5. Villa Giannella

Villa Giannella building
Villa Giannella / Booking.com

This is a 900-square-foot stone building that can accommodate up to eight people in three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The property is located in the southwest corner of Tuscany, in the Maremma region. There is a great deal of variety in this territory. It consists of long beaches, wood-covered black rock hills, marshes and flat lands, and naturally occurring thermal baths. Old Etruscan and Roman settlements dot the landscape of the region, so if you are a history buff or an avid explorer of ruins this is a place you want to visit. During your stay, you should, of course, try the local wine and acquacotta soup, which is a food native to the region.  

Back to the property. The villa is composed of 4 separate apartments, 2 on the ground floor and 2 on the upper floor. There is a well-equipped common kitchen, with enough tableware and cutlery for up to eight people. There is also a fully-furnished garden which is an ideal setting for dining outside and an outdoor pool and free private parking.

Though it is a rather isolated part of Tuscany—Rome at 99 miles is closer than Florence at 114—you can reach the larger cities by train.

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6. Villa Isola

Villa Isola, dining area
Villa Isola / tuscany-villas.it

This is a lovely 1500-square-foot stone building located in the center of Massa, Italy. The villa can accommodate nine guests in four bedrooms and two bathrooms. It also offers air-conditioned rooms and WiFi Internet. The Tuscan coast is less than 1 mile away.

In between the mornings or afternoons at the beach, you should take time to explore Massa itself. I have been there and can tell you it is worth the visit. It is a medieval city nestled in the Apuan Alps. Massa is a bewitching city for lovers of art and architecture.

The imposing Pallazzo Ducale dominates the city center and is a great building to look at. You can also explore the Diocesan Museum, which has been around since the 16th century and houses some really great works of religiously-inspired art. There are also the Cathedral of the Saints Peter and Frances, the Church of San Sebastiano, and the Church of the Misericordia. You should also visit Malaspina Castle, which is a fortress from which there are stunning views of the city, the Apuan Alps, and the Riviera.

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7. Villa Casa Del Colle

Villa Casa Del Colle building
Villa Casa Del Colle / Booking.com

This 1300-square-foot stone building can sleep up to six people comfortably in two bedrooms and three bathrooms. It is one of the few Tuscan villas for rent equipped with WiFi Internet. The property comes with a kitchen that is outfitted with a coffee machine, microwave, toaster, and refrigerator. There is tableware and cutlery for up to six people. It also has a fully furnished garden where you can enjoy the nice Tuscan weather with family and friends.

The city of Viareggio is only 6 miles away. There is a large shopping center 12 miles away where you can buy fresh produce and other essentials. Pisa is 20 miles, Lucca 16 miles, and Forte Dei Marmi 14 miles. All of these can be easily reached by train, and the station is only 4 miles away. The property is only 7 miles from the sea.

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8. Villa Al Lido

Villa Al Lido aerial view
Villa Al Lido / tuscany-villas.it

This 4000 square foot property comes with a hot tub, air conditioning, and WiFi Internet. It can accommodate up to seven people in four bedrooms and five bathrooms. But the size, number of bathrooms, and hot tub are not the best features of the property. No, the best thing about Villa Al Lido is that it is in Lido Di Camaiore.

Lido Di Camaiore, located on the Tuscan Riviera, is one of the most fashionable spots in Italy. Famous artists, composers, poets, and playwrights have come to this relaxing and laidback part of the country. People are attracted to its beautiful squares and gardens and the sandy beaches. Lido Di Camaiore is also known for its vibrant nightlife. The waterfront promenade is lined with a generous range of bars and restaurants. The beach is adjacent to the palm-tree filled promenade. From this area, you can take day trips to Piestrasanta, also known as Little Athens, Pisa (40 minutes), and Florence (90 minutes).

9. Villa Verdi

Villa Verdi building
Villa Verdi / tuscany-villas.it

The property is only 2 miles from the aforementioned Piestrasanta and 6 miles from Forte Dei Marmi. It can accommodate up to eight people in four bedrooms and three bathrooms. Villa Verdi is pretty much right on the Tuscan coast. If you are into Tuscan villas that are located close to the sea, this one is certainly an option. There are local shops nearby where you can buy fresh produce and wine.

The villa is well-maintained and well-equipped. The kitchen contains a coffee machine, toaster, and refrigerator and enough tableware and cutlery to serve eight people. There is also a fully furnished balcony so that you can dine with your family and friends in the nice Tuscan weather.

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10. Villa Ungaretti

Stairs leading to Villa Ungaretti
Villa Ungaretti / tuscany-villas.it

The property is a 2300 square foot stone building that is fitted with air conditioning. It can accommodate six people in three bedrooms and two bathrooms. This is another one of the villas on Tuscany’s coast that is quite close to the sea. In fact, the property is located less than a mile from the famous Marina di Pietrasanta.

The town of Marina di Piestrasanta is a resort area that contains some of Tuscany’s best beaches. It is connected to the older town of Pietrasanta, which was founded in the 1200s. The latter is known as the city of artists owing to the abundance of artist studios in it. Marina di Pietrasanta has beaches that stretch for miles along the coast. There is plenty of space between chairs and umbrellas, even at the peak of the summer holiday season, so you will never feel like you are on an overcrowded beach (a very unpleasant sensation).

The spaciousness of the beach allows for the presence of restaurants, bars, and snack stands. It is the kind of place where you can spend the whole afternoon. The town is strung along the Tuscan coast and is filled with shops, restaurants, pizzerias, cafes, and gelaterias. There are parks and gardens to explore and even a bike path through the historic center of the old town. The summer also brings a full schedule of outdoor events, including concerts, dances, festivals, and cultural programs.

11. Villa Apua

Villa Apua building
Villa Apua / tuscany-villas.it

This is another stone building located near Marina Di Pietrasanta and only 3 miles from Forte Dei Marmi. The property can accommodate up to seven people in four bedrooms with two bathrooms. It comes with air conditioning.

If, for you, enjoying the Tuscan coast means lying out in the sun all day, then you will have plenty of space to do so. However, among the many activities you can enjoy in the area are boating and scuba diving. Being so close to the coast will also allow you to enjoy the beautiful summer sunsets.

There are shops nearby for you to purchase fresh food. You can also take advantage of the fully equipped kitchen to prepare your meals. The kitchen includes a coffee machine, microwave, toaster, and refrigerator, and there is tableware and cutlery enough for seven people. The property also comes with a fully furnished balcony for those especially beautiful Tuscan evenings when it is better to dine outdoors.

The train station is 2 miles away. From it, you can reach points throughout Tuscany and greater Italy.

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12. Villa Acquarella

Trail leading to Villa Acquarella
Villa Acquarella / tuscany-villas.it

This 1300 square foot building comes with WiFi Internet and can accommodate up to six people comfortably in four bedrooms and two bathrooms. The property is only 5 miles from the beautiful and wonderfully entertaining town of Viareggio.

You should not leave Tuscany without visiting this town, strolling through its narrow streets, taking a trip to the sea in the Darsena quarter, and eating fish in one of its seafood trattorias. Like most places in Italy, Viareggio’s architecture and feel are medieval. The city was founded in 1172 and grew and expanded around a tower linked to the Burlamacca canal. The city’s fame began when Napoleon Bonaparte’s sister, Paolina Borghese, decided to take a holiday in it.

If you are a lover of the arts, you will find plenty to capture your imagination in Viareggio. There are the Villa Paolina Civic Museum, the Maritime Museum, and the Cittadella Del Carnevale, which is a large urban park where papier-mache masters and other craftsmen build gigantic floats for the city’s Carnival.

Speaking of Carnival, the city throws one of the most famous and spectacular events every year. For four Sundays in a row, floats that consist of caricatures of individuals from the realms of politics and entertainment parade along the city’s promenade. After the parade, the action moves to the districts where people carry out their more localized customs. The streets are filled with masks, music, and dancing.

The property is also quite near Pisa (19 miles). You can easily reach this city from the train station, which is only 2 miles away.

13. Casa Lelia

Porach on Casa Lelia
Casa Lelia / Booking.com

This 1200 square foot stone building comes with WiFi Internet and can sleep up to five guests in three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It is also located near Viareggio (2 miles), and is a short distance from Forte Dei Marmi (8 miles). The property also has the advantage of being less than a mile from the Tuscan coast, if that is where you plan to spend most of your time.

The kitchen is equipped with a dishwasher, fridge, freezer, oven, and coffee machine. There is cutlery and dishware for 6 people, and the dining room also sits 6 people. Local shops are nearby to purchase fresh food and wine. A larger shopping center is located 12 miles from the property.

There is also a large terrace so that you can dine outdoors on exceptionally beautiful Tuscan evenings.

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